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By: karim on November 5th, 2014

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7 Advantages of Using Online Cloud Storage for Chicago Businesses

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Cloud this, cloud that; it seems everyone’s talking about the cloud (so are we). You hear it discussed in break rooms, board meetings, industry conferences and everywhere in between, but do you truly understand the advantages of switching to cloud computing and data storage?

The Beauty of the Cloud

Depending on the industry you operate in or what your specific business goals are, the cloud could offer you any number of advantages and benefits. When looking at it from a top-down perspective, these are the biggest advantages:

  • Security and dependability. A security breach or loss of data can be dangerous and detrimental to the integrity of your business. With the cloud, you are able to mitigate risk by storing valuable information, data and applications offsite.
  • Economies of scale. With the cloud, your business can increase productivity and efficiency — two factors directly related to cost and output. As the amount of people and resources you need to efficiently operate go down, your cost per unit plummets. This enables you to achieve economies of scale much faster.
  • Incredible flexibility. With physical servers and hardware, you’re limited by what you can do. With the cloud, there are no restrictions. Cloud solutions are totally scalable, allowing you to increase and decrease services as needed to deal with operational fluctuations.
  • No geographic limitations. With cloud computing, geographical limitations are a thing of the past. Employees are no longer shackled to a physical desk or office. They can make better use of their time on the road by retaining access to important files, programs and data.
  • Automated updates. When your employees see that little annoying box pop up on their desktop advising them an “Update is Required – Restart Now,” odds are pretty good they’ll click the button that says “Remind me again in X hours.” We’ve all been there, it’s okay. But, while this simple act may seem insignificant, when it happens across the board, the entire company’s IT infrastructure falls woefully behind. On the cloud, software, programs and applications are automatically updated as soon as possible—ensuring your technology stays up to date on a schedule decided by you and your MSP.
  • Better collaboration. The cloud improves corporate collaboration—files, data, and projects can be saved, updated, and shared with as many, or as few, individuals as you want, quickly and easily.
  • Environmentally friendly. Looking for a way to go green but don’t know how? Cloud computing uses 30 percent less energy consumption than standard on-site servers. Not only does it reduce your carbon footprint, you’ll also enjoy some noticeable savings on your energy bill.
  • Smoother business transactions. As far as mergers and acquisitions go, cloud technology makes the process of integrating multiple businesses exponentially easier. Bringing data and records together can be accomplished in a matter of clicks, as opposed to hours of manual labor.

Deciding to make a switch to the cloud shouldn’t be taken lightly. However, if your company does decide to migrate away from physical storage, you will find the cloud particularly beneficial on multiple fronts.

At Framework Communications, we believe in the power of the cloud and want to educate businesses everywhere on the many advantages that come from transitioning to off-site solutions. For additional information and guidance, contact us today.