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By: karim on June 27th, 2014

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Attention All Computer Users: Friendly Framework Tip of The Day

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Here at Framework, we’re big believers that a little knowledge is a powerful tool. To that end, we’d like to bring attention to the latest virus threat working its way through the internets: a ransom cryptolocker virus is circulating the internet and may cause damage to your machine if you open up an infected attachment.

A ransom cryptolocker is a virus that encrypts user files available in the system and demands the user pay to retrieve the files read below for a description and how to prevent infection.

If you receive any email or files that resemble the below description, please do not open the file/email and delete the file/email immediately. In general, always be wary of opening attachments from unknown sources.

Name of virus: No specific name

Method of Infections: Zipped Attachment via Email. If you do one thing and one thing only: DO NOT CLICK ON THESE ATTACHMENTS.

Virus Characteristics:Attachment often arrives as one of the following files:




Symptoms (if infected):·

Files are encrypted and cannot be accessed. Please forward all questions or concerns to the helpdesk.

Like we mentioned – just be wary of attachments that come from emails you’re unfamiliar with. If you don’t know the email address and the message is sketchy – delete it.