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By: karim on June 25th, 2015

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Help Desk Ninjas

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Your deadline is tomorrow. You’re ready to pull the trigger on your project and -BOOM- the blue screen of death. (PANIC ATTACK!) Or…you can’t email your patient’s script because it is now tangled up in the ether of electronic medical records software (EMR) that isn’t functioning…or wait? Maybe it’s the printer and not the EMR? WHO KNOWS?!?! Much like the air we breathe, we tend to take technology for granted-until there is a problem. Selecting the right IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) is the difference between Framework Communications (FwC) signature Carefree IT operations (that you can and will take for granted), and tech issues that grind your business productivity to a halt. When tech trouble bears its gnashing teeth, relax. You are protected by the FwC Help Desk Ninjas.


Our help desk ninjas respond to tickets within ten minutes of receiving them.  Even more impressive?  We resolve these critical issues within an average of 25 minutes, compared to hours of average estimated ticket resolution time.  Our integrated services are the front line in preventing the chaos that corrupts the bottom line while restoring your sanity.


Can your daily operations be entrusted with your present IT solutions team?

“We invest in proactive methods to minimize issues in the first place and we have the bandwidth to keep things from back-logging.  These symptomatic issues allow us to troubleshoot beyond the added layers of protections, essentially disgnosing that high cholesterol before you can have a heart attack.”“We spend a great amount of time and effort properly onboarding our clients to drive down the information gap and speed up the resolution while increasing the value of our services. Our services are client first. We build redundancy in our client network and telephony, network services designs to streamline IT operations.”  

 -John Fakhoury, CEO of Framework Communications

We identify potential issues and patterns and implement solutions that enable our clients to take their technology for granted.  Our 98% satisfaction and retention rate is proof that our help desk ninjas are prepared to guard your enterprise, fortifying you with solutions that keep your business operations on-point and functioning ahead of the curve.

98% CUSTOMER RETENTION… (just sayin’)

We consistently deliver a set of centralized services, whose staff is laser-focused on resolving issues systematically, efficiently and proactively results in an unparalleled conversion rate from call in to resolution.  By customizing top of the line technology with strict industry best practices, the team at FwC mitigates the issues before they become problems.









“You don’t just need an IT person. Quite frankly you need a network person, a PC person, a mobile device person.  Even if you wanted to have your own IT department, you probably couldn’t find a person that could do all of that, and so what’s nice about Framework is that if we have a big phone issue, they’ll bring in their phone support. You suddenly have the full effort of a very big IT department working on your issue.”    

-Robert Filek, CFO of Ameda, Inc.


Framework Communications focuses on building an environment that minimizes issues by collecting, organizing, and setting up information so the techperts can locate the source sooner and troubleshoot more effectively. The results allow you to return to that blissful state of taking your technology for granted.

 We run the IT so you can run your business … CAREFREE