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By: karim on November 18th, 2015

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Keeping Your Company on the Cutting Edge

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We increasingly live in a world that is changing at uber pace (yes a jab at our friends in silicon valley whom I am waiting for as I begin writing this) and perhaps no where is that statement more true than in the valley where technology is literally changing the world we live in and they way we live in it almost daily.  I mean, just think for just a minute (at least those of you older than 25)… As we all know that blue chip main-stay Kodak that awesome company that eventually was responsible for giving us “instant images” in the 80s & 90s went belly up recently because of lack of innovation and dwindling revenues.  Meanwhile in about ~500 days ‘Instagram’ the photo-improving, social media app that has spun the valley on its back with over 50 million users in those short 500 days, was just bought for $1 Billion.

If that scares you — you won’t want to hear what Instagram’s revenues were at the time of purchase.  Scarily they recorded a grand total of $0!  Yes that is the world we live in.  Could you have predicted that in the 90s? 2000s? 10 years ago? 5 years ago?  Of course you didn’t or you too would be a billionaire.  So forget the disappointment of having missed that great idea or like Gary Vaynerchuck (CEO of Vayner Media) having predicted Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram a year or more in advance and start thinking about what that means for you and your business/organization.

So the world of technology is becoming more complex and changing faster than our brains can keep up with, we are becoming more and more dependent on tech in our daily lives/business and even though you are likely really intelligent professional (or why else would you be reading this) managing your IT infrastructure is probably not a competitive strength for you personally or your organization.  If you were to ask any CEO whether or not they would be more dependent on technology next year than today, any answer less than “yes” is an indication of that company’s doom.  With those trends in obvious order and for other factors across all industries we can see successful organizations are making the transition and investment in a quality Managed Service Provider and here’s just a little bit of why.

Internal IT Support Limitations:

You can work “On the business” or “In the Business”.  If you have an internal IT department, the reality is that they are stuck working “In the business” and are unable to keep up your company on the cutting edge of technology to ensure you are maximizing the value from your IT Investments.  Also, it’s difficult to keep these professionals trained and developed while they’re trying to put fires out day to day.  On top of that, it’s not cost-effective to get a team with the right level of knowledge and experience in all the technologies in your ecosystem.  Most companies, especially those under 500 employees, cannot afford the various IT specialists needed to have a robust internal team and therefore either A) have underqualified people maintaining their critical technology infrastructure or B) are overpaying a really (overly) qualified person to do remedial work or even worse.   A quality Managed Service Provider allows you to leverage a much larger team, cost-effectively, with far greater specializations ranging from the Cloud, Phone systems, ISP/Telecommunications, Networking, Virtualization, Network Security, Server/Systems Administration, Backup & Disaster Recovery, Strategic Planning & Budgeting, Asset Management, etc..  Enough of our rambling though, our clients can explain it better!  Check out our client testimonial video at to learn more about how Managed Services can help your organization.