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By: karim on July 10th, 2014

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Is There a Downside to Mobile Devices in the Workplace?

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Today’s workforce is global, mobile and collaborative. The proliferation of mobile devices, not to mention increased work-schedule flexibility, is changing the way organizations operate. If the right mobile strategies are in place, employees can now work collaboratively from virtually any location and still have around-the-clock access to corporate resources. This is enabling companies of all sizes to increase productivity, efficiency and competitiveness.

However, mobility also has its challenges. With so many employees on the move, and without enterprise-grade telephony capabilities while they’re away from their desks, the likelihood of missed customer calls is a growing concern.

Security is a significant issue as well, and it will become even more significant as workers acquire and use multiple mobile devices to access corporate data. Already, the effects are clear. Telecom fraud losses worldwide are rising.

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