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By: Adam Barney on April 11th, 2018

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Quick Response & Clear Communication with New Integrated Chat Feature

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Framework Communications Continues to Build Strong Client Relationships:  Quick Response & Clear Communication with New Integrated Chat Assist Feature

When customers contact Framework Communications with a service issue, they need help yesterday.  Work-day interruptions are great as long as it involves a surprise birthday treat or puppies, but when it involves a tech emergency, it’s time for business-not business interruption.

Framework is thrilled to offer our clients the new Chat Assist feature for an elevated support experience.

Chat Assist enhances our existing world-class support channels and allows our engineers to quickly and conveniently interact with clients and leverage super-human response speeds to efficiently address any issue that may arise with an on-demand response and remote access to your workstation.  The result is peace-of-mind while continually driving value in our commitment to client satisfaction.

Building Client Confidence Fast

Our clients can see, in real-time, when our engineers are online and available and vice-versa.  Confidence is when you know the answers are only a click away.  Chat Assist is a seamless way for us to engage with our customers in a meaningful and impactful way to resolve issues, questions, or just provide some expert guidance.

Chat Integration

Chat Assist integrates chat, remote control, and ticketing capabilities in one place while automating tickets with critical information such as time, notes, schedules, status changes and event documentation which drives exceptional response and resolution times.  The seamless integration into our business management platform is key to mitigating future issues that may be related to a specific root cause and provides measurable results. It also automatically records every conversation and the time spent on a new or existing ticket.

The Business Impact

Not only are SLAs and billing more accurate, but follow-up, accountability, and transparency is enhanced because every team member can view the history of each incident.  Sometimes it can be difficult to explain what kind of issue you are experiencing over the phone or in an email, but with Chat Assist our engineers can immediately connect remotely to your workstation and rectify the problem right then and there.

Streamlining and transforming the engagement process with Chat Assist provides fast, simple, accountable, and effective functional support and that is exactly what Framework Communications is all about.  Give Chat Assist a test drive and watch business interruption fade away in the rear-view mirror.

Please watch this YouTube tutorial for instructions on how to access the Client Portal and get chatting with Framework Chat Assist!