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Framework Communications is Chicago's award-winning choice for CareFree™ Managed IT Services. No matter the challenge, we consistently deliver best-in-class service, expertise, and technology to transform productivity, efficiency and growth across your organization.

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By: Framework IT
August 3rd, 2020

  Cyberthreats have become a global epidemic that compromises your network and can result in the loss of revenue, data, and productivity. Small and midsize businesses are particularly vulnerable to cyber-attacks because they are known to have limited security defenses. If your organization is lacking a cybersecurity strategy, here are three ways you can actively protect your business.

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By: Framework IT
July 27th, 2020

Should smaller businesses worry about cybersecurity? The simple answer is yes. Unfortunately, cyber-attacks, data breaches, malware, etc., are common across all sizes of businesses. Many small business leaders are led to believe that they shouldn’t be concerned with their cybersecurity because of their size. Small businesses need to worry just as much as large businesses about cybersecurity, regardless of whether they can invest as heavily in their defenses.


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By: Rachael Rubin
July 14th, 2020

As our technology advances, the need for substantial data loss prevention is growing substantially. Data loss prevention software is used to protect your sensitive data and information from exfiltration.  

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Chicago | cybersecurity | Internal Security | Managed IT Services | Managed IT Chicago | IT Support Chicago | Data Protection | Ransomware

By: Ben Kohn
April 13th, 2020

The average ransomware payout in 2018 was $6,733, according to Coveware. The average overall business impact was almost $55,000, with business impact lasting an average of 5.5 days.  Arguably worse, 15% of all data affected by these breaches was rendered unrecoverable. These attacks are growing in prevalence, increasingly affecting businesses of scale, the average employee count being 71, and are presenting unique challenges to the assessors of risk in the business community.