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Framework Communications is Chicago's award-winning choice for CareFree™ Managed IT Services. No matter the challenge, we consistently deliver best-in-class service, expertise, and technology to transform productivity, efficiency and growth across your organization.

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Managed IT Services | Managed IT Chicago | IT Support Chicago | Microsoft | Office 365

By: Rachael Rubin
July 10th, 2020

According to the 2019 State of the Digital Workplace, 80% of employees working in medium-sized and large organizations said their company has an intranet. If your organization’s rapid growth is creating file and data storage disorganization, it may be time to consider a web-based platform like Microsoft SharePoint.

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Managed IT Services | Managed IT Chicago | IT Support Chicago | Technology | GSuite | Microsoft | Office 365

By: Adam Barney
March 25th, 2020

Every business needs email, communications, and productivity tools. 85% of businesses use Microsoft’s Office 365 or Google’s G Suite solutions to address these needs. But which is better: Office 365 or G Suite? The best solution depends on your existing technology and ease of adoption, your employees’ experiences and preferences, and cost to obtain the capabilities you need.


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