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by Framework IT

11 May 2021

3 Ways a Co-Managed IT Model Will Benefit Your Business

A strong IT team will accelerate your organization's goals and its path to success. So how can an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) be of assistance to your in-house team? Supplementing your current staff with an MSP will fill gaps that could otherwise go unnoticed. 

Framework's mission is to ensure that your business is equipped with the tools it needs to run without interruption while maintaining maximum security. 


1. More Available Resources

You’ve probably heard the cliché, “There’s strength in numbers,” and it certainly applies to well-run technology. Your internal team can't be everywhere at one time making it hard to find the time for the larger projects. Your team is essentially limited in man-hours, and there is no easy way to scale up and down to cater to your fluctuating needs. MSP’s have the economies of scale to deploy technicians that can provide greater coverage and a higher level of continuity, so you never experience downtime of your day-to-day tasks. MSP’s are also able to rapidly accommodate increased service needs as you grow, without the headaches of you having to quickly recruit, hire, and onboard the right IT staff.


2. Specialization

No matter how big your internal team is, it is unlikely you can field specialists in all areas of technology. MSP's have experts in all areas to help tackle complicated issues. Even a part-time MSP contract will be beneficial to the overall uptime and productivity of your organization. With a subject matter expert on hand, your staff can delegate tickets based on needs to also break down the recruitment and specialization barriers.


3. Cost Efficient

Your team is essentially in man-hours, and there is no easy way to scale up and down to cater to your fluctuating needs. Due to their scalable teams, specialization, and robust processes, MSPs can also cost your organization less than hiring more IT staff. With just an internal team, you are limited in capacity in regard to both scaling and finances. Organizations that leverage an MSP with in-house IT as well can achieve an overall lower IT budget.


Discover More Benefits

If you are still unsure of which solution is right for your company, Framework IT can help. With over a decade of experience managing and co-managing environments with internal IT teams and we have a wide breadth of experience. If you would like to learn more about your options for the most informed decision, contact us and speak to an IT professional