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Managed IT Services Best Practices

Framework didn’t arrive at these best practices by accident. We analyzed over 10 years of data from managing hundreds of organizations’ technology. Our analysis showed that organizations that align with these practices achieve far better results from their IT.

Organizations that standardize their technology according to these practices avoid staff productivity loss and achieve a lower Total Cost of Ownership for their technology. As a result, you become more standardized, scalable, and optimized, so we reward your organization with decreased monthly pricing for our Managed IT Services.

The Business Optimization Framework

Organizations who align with these practices achieve higher
productivity, lower costs, and overall better IT results

Best Practices Best Practices
  1. Computing

    All devices use up-to-date operating systems & have ample computing power.

  2. Network

    Cloud-managed networks provide higher uptimes & faster resolution. We recommend Meraki or Ubiquiti.

  3. Collaboration

    Cloud-based collaboration & communications suites improve productivity. We recommend Office 365 or G Suite.

  4. Applications

    Cloud applications are more reliable & require fewer resources.

  5. Servers
    & Storage

    Cloud servers provide greater up-time, scalability, & ensure less business interruption. We recommend Azure or AWS.

  6. Connectivity

    Fiber Primary with a redundant secondary, & an SD-WAN controller for management.

  7. Security

    Securing your network, email, & proper training is essential for all modern-day companies.

Increase Productivity

Enable a successful remote workforce, encourage collaboration, and securely facilitate communication with your clients.

Enhance Security

Utilizing best-in-class platforms allows us to ensure clients are safe from risk while avoiding interruptive security events or data breaches and the associated cost.

Manage Scalability

Adopting these technologies makes it extremely easy and efficient to onboard new employees, grow rapidly, or scale back down.

Reduce Expenses

When you adopt these best practices, we're able to cut costs. So, as you get better, we get less expensive.

Remote and Mobile-Friendly

This type of environment makes it particularly easy to operate and work effectively, productively, and securely anywhere you have an internet connection.

Best Practice Toolbox


Keeping your operating systems up to date is essential for security and performance. Also, using devices with adequate computing power is critical to a great user experience.

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Cloud-managed networks provide a high-performing IT infrastructure that’s easy to monitor and manage anywhere and anytime.

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Cloud-based tools create robust, collaborative channels that translate to happier and more productive employees.

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Using cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) applications reduces technology complexity, increases remote and mobile capabilities, and lessens interruptions.

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Server Infrastructure

A cloud server-based infrastructure eliminates the need for physical networks to provide better business continuity and lower overall costs.

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Reliable and fast internet connectivity is a fundamental building block for a productive office experience.

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Foundational Security

Implementing foundational security measures provides a baseline level of protection against common cyber threats, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical data and systems.

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