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Framework IT’s Professionally Managed Cyber Security and Disaster Recovery for Your Sensitive Information, Compliance Requirements, and Peace of Mind


What we do...

Framework combines data-driven intelligence with security expertise to strengthen your organization’s security and compliance initiatives. Our primary focus is to reduce risk in what has become an increasingly complex and dynamic cyber-threat landscape by ensuring your company's technology is covered by our foundational cybersecurity measures

How we do it...


Protect your company’s valuable data from bad actors, viruses, and malware

Off-Site Storage

Cost-effective, dependable, accessible, and encrypted data storage for your peace of mind

On-Site Backups

Fast recovery after hardware malfunctions and other unexpected system crashes

Email Security

Advanced email security reduces this risk by eliminating spam and potential threats from reaching your inbox

Security Awareness Training

Web-based security, reporting, and phishing campaigns to educate your staff against common threats

Endpoint Encryption

Secure data is stored on your devices to prevent a breach in the event of lost or stolen device, or a cyber attack.

World-Class Support

24/7 IT experts available at your fingertips or by phone

Our experts are ready to answer your questions. Reach Out!

What Our Clients are Saying...

CEO & President

- Kimbark Beverage Distributors

"During a recent storm, we were back up and running before all the other businesses in the area including Chase Bank & CVS thanks to Framework. I love the peace of mind that Framework Communications delivers."

Vice President

- The Compounder

“You guys make it easy. we can't tell you how much we appreciate the fact that you're responsive and we never feel like a burden, nor do we feel like we're being taken advantage of, which was a consistent issue with our previous service provider.”