Case Study: Competitive Local Exchange Carrier

This mid-sized voice and data service provider, headquartered in the Chicago land area, is mostly a regional player but also has a national customer-base. The company is looking to rapidly onboard several new product and service offerings while also expanding their core services, with the goal of doubling revenue within 5 years.


Business Challenge:

Though the company had a world-class Network Operations Center to support the infrastructure behind their voice and data service, they had limited IT staff to support their own workstations, servers, storage network, and other networking devices.  To support the rapid expansion of their product portfolio and revenue, the service provider needed to complete several large infrastructure upgrade projects. The level of expertise required for some of the necessary upgrades taxed the internal IT team already stretched thin to meet the daily support needs in their environment. Adding further complication, all upgrades had to be done with no interruption to the company’s 24×7 service delivery and network operations support.

Framework IT Solution:

Framework IT audited the client’s internal network infrastructure and discussed the business challenges and goals with management.  After evaluation, the Framework IT team developed a phased plan to complete all of their infrastructure upgrade projects without interrupting their 24×7 customer-service delivery and experience, a key requirement.  Additionally, Framework IT leveled our Evolution Framework to alleviate the day-to-day support of their end-users and network from the internal IT team as well as ensure their systems are monitored, maintained, and supported proactively, while also providing them a virtual CIO to augment their internal IT management with further experience and expertise in technology planning and budgeting. Alleviating the complex, advanced upgrade projects and the ongoing support from the internal IT team allowed them to focus on other internal projects that were well suited for in-house staff.