How VoIP Services Transformed a Law Firm’s Efficiency

This bankruptcy law firm has 4 offices in major cities nationwide with a staff of 250 attorneys, customer service reps, and administrative personnel.


Business Challenge:

The Company was planning on opening two new offices as part of a larger expansion plan.  However, with an older analog phone system at their headquarters that was long past manufacturer support, the internal IT team was challenged to come up with a telephony solution for the new offices that would also make sense for their long-term plans to upgrade the headquarters and all satellite offices to an IP phone system.  Additionally, due to lawsuits and an improving economy, the company’s willingness to make large capital expenditures was very limited.

Framework IT Solution:

Framework IT proposed a telephony solution that would replace the core of the PBX, or phone system, with an IP-based system, while retaining all of their current telephones at their headquarters where the majority of the employees were located.  This reduced the equipment capital investment to a third of what it otherwise would have been while still delivering an IP-based phone system capable of VoIP phone service and running remote IP phones at all satellite offices.  This allowed the company to level a consistent telephony experience and feature set to all of their employees, no matter where they were located, while also providing a low-cost solution to their phone system needs for their headquarters, new offices, and existing satellite offices.  Additionally, moving to 1 centrally managed IP-based system greatly reduced the administrative and management overhead on the internal IT team.