Case Study: Mortgage Broker with a National Presence

This Mortgage broker started out with one small office in the Chicago area, a 3 year period of rapid growth saw an expansion to 9 offices in major metropolitan areas nationwide.

Business Challenge:

Without an internal IT department to plan, implement, and support the voice and data service and overall technology infrastructure, opening a new office every few months was a costly, difficult challenge.  The owners, non-technical professionals, were going to attempt to manage the technology themselves, which was a painful, confusing, and inefficient process that distracted them from their core competencies.

Framework IT Solution:

Framework IT designed, implemented, and supports an MPLS network that allows low latency connections to their cloud server environment as well as for their IP-Based phone system, which Framework IT also implemented and supports. The telephony and data network design allowed the company to easily add additional offices with a template technology model and predictable costs.  The design also provided for automated local internet failover with a Cable internet provider in addition to the MPLS provider’s internet service as well as the ability for each office’s phone system to operate as a stand-alone entity in the event that a service or network issue disrupted the IP system’s connection to the company’s headquarters where the main system and voicemail reside.   At a low upfront and ongoing cost, Framework IT delivered the client an enterprise-grade voice and data solution that can scale as fast and efficiently as the rest of their business.