Case Study: Multi-Location Regional Medical Group

An Orthopedic Surgery Medical Group with multiple specialists located throughout the Midwest.


Business Challenge:

With a new digital record-keeping system implementation around the corner, the company was looking for a solution that would modernize their voice and data service while bringing overall costs down. Between all of their locations, voice and data service spending came in at an expensive $9,000 per month despite the fact that the locations were operating on old Nortel phone systems at every location that was not connected, which increased voice service spending, complicated support, and caused customer service challenges.

Framework IT Solution:

Framework IT Specialists audited the client’s voice and data service and moved them from 1.5 MB T1 service to an MPLS with 3-10 MB and a PRI at each location.  This WAN solution allowed them higher speeds and lower latency for their connection with their server in their collocation space at a data center and their EMR systems which resulted in a savings of $3,000/month.  Using these savings, the company upgraded to an Avaya IP Office phone system networked across all of their locations to allow better communication and customer service, simplify support and system changes, as well as lower phone system maintenance and phone service bills.