Case Study: Private Medical Practice

This private practice has two offices in the Chicagoland area to serve about 5,000 clients.


Business Challenge:

Without any tech savvy staff, the practice had traditionally been extremely reactive to all of their IT needs, leading to a complete lack of documentation or even understanding of their various technology contracts, configurations, credentials, etc.  This resulted in short-sighted decisions that created wasted investment and overspending in general.   Finally, scheduling and communication was inefficient between the offices as the doctor traveled between the two throughout the week.

Framework IT Solution:

Framework IT implemented Managed IT Services and telephone system maintenance to alleviate all technology planning and support from the doctor and office manager by giving them a single point-of-contact for all of their technology needs. Framework IT negotiated their phone and internet service contracts to decrease their spending by 40% and also implemented an IP phone system that connected the two offices and sped communication and scheduling. The Evolution Framework allowed the client to move away from their reactive approach to technology to a proactive approach that put their environment in compliance with industry and manufacturer best practices which allowed them to focus on the practice and their clients.

Additionally, the telecom audit resulted in a 30% savings that paid for an IP phone system replacement heads above the old, unreliable phone system.  Lastly, Framework IT leveled our Managed IT Services with the remaining savings from the voice and data service audit.  The Managed IT service plan allowed the owner to transfer his technology management responsibilities to the team and gave him a single-point-of-contact for all of his technology issues, eliminating the time consuming and frustrating experience of communicating between and coordinating many technology vendors.