Marketing Organization Case Study: Scaling IT with Framework IT

A marketing agency was dissatisfied with its managed service provider’s (MSP) performance. The agency aimed to fully outsource its IT needs, encompassing helpdesk support, security, infrastructure management, and strategy. 

Their objectives included: 

  • Migrating to the cloud.
  • Strengthening security measures.
  • Receiving superior MSP support to boost productivity and resolve persistent pain points.

They faced multiple challenges with their MSP, such as delayed helpdesk support, micromanagement to address issues, project mismanagement, absence of strategic progress, and inadequate project management. 


Like many businesses, the marketing agency faced significant challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. However, by the end of the year, they secured a major account and rapidly hired ten new employees within four months. As a global organization with offices in London, Chicago, Indianapolis, and Detroit, the agency needed to gear up for the next business phase and potential acquisitions in 2021 and 2022. They encountered difficulties with their MSP, which could not meet their IT requirements satisfactorily. The company aimed to transition to the cloud, bolster security, enhance productivity, and address long-standing issues through improved helpdesk support. 

Business Challenge: 

Before collaborating with Framework IT, the organization depended on an MSP and an in-house IT resource who has since departed from the company. The marketing agency experienced numerous issues with its current MSP, such as delayed helpdesk support, micromanagement for issue escalation, project mismanagement, absence of strategic progress, inadequate project management, constantly changing support teams, and unsatisfactory procurement and asset tracking. Their MSP’s inability to provide reliable and prompt support led to a protracted and disjointed onboarding process for new employees. The organization often resorted to local shops for computer repairs instead of using their managed IT company’s services. Although there were clear opportunities to enhance cybersecurity, the agency’s leadership team needed more trust in their IT service provider’s recommendations. The leaders recognized the need for a well-defined strategic roadmap and project management plan. The company sought to outsource its IT needs entirely to a more efficient MSP, encompassing helpdesk support, security, infrastructure management, and strategy.

Framework IT Solution: 

The marketing agency partnered with Framework IT as its new managed services provider to overcome its IT challenges. Framework IT introduced several solutions for the agency. First, they migrated the organization’s Active Directory services to Azure Active Directory in the cloud. This centralized hub allows for efficient management of user groups and assets acquired from other companies, regardless of geographic location, enabling previously unmanageable infrastructure and user group decentralization.

Framework IT also implemented Mimecast Email security to strengthen the agency’s email services. This solution offers more reliable protection, visibility, and control against potential spear-phishing and other email attacks—an essential measure since the agency’s staff collaborates with numerous industry leaders to create high-value media assets. Additionally, Framework IT launched an awareness training campaign to inform users about potential hacks and meet compliance requirements set by the organization’s insurance provider.

The agency’s outdated network infrastructure was upgraded to Meraki’s Cloud Managed networking equipment, offering centralized oversight and real-time environmental analysis. A High-Availability solution was implemented for their firewall, enabling automatic fail-over and continuous internet services for uninterrupted work. Furthermore, the agency’s inefficient folder structure was improved by implementing SharePoint and Teams, facilitating seamless communication and saving costs by decommissioning their Dropbox licensing. With these initiatives and the agency’s IT challenges effectively addressed, the organization can continue to thrive and scale.


Framework IT’s solutions allowed the marketing agency to utilize a centralized hub for managing dispersed user groups, streamlining the process when the organization acquired a smaller business in 2022. Since partnering with Framework IT for managed services, the organization has grown its headcount by 22%. Despite this rapid growth, the agency has seen a 35% reduction in IT service tickets per employee, a 75% reduction in support hours per staff member, and an 82% decrease in issue resolution time. 

In addition to facilitating quick scaling, Framework IT helped the marketing agency enhance cybersecurity by strengthening their email services with Mimecast Email security, safeguarding against potential spear-phishing and other advanced email attacks. The agency also met compliance requirements set by its insurance provider through an awareness training campaign, centrally monitored, and analyzed its environment in real time. It implemented a high-availability solution for its firewall, enabling automatic fail-over to maintain uninterrupted work. 

By adhering to best practices and following the roadmap Framework IT developed, the marketing agency progressed from Framework IT’s Level 1 Optimization to Level 3 Optimization, resulting in a 25% reduction in managed IT expenses for the business. 


The marketing agency successfully addressed substantial technology and IT support challenges by outsourcing IT to Framework IT. Framework IT delivered effective solutions that improved the agency’s productivity, eliminated persistent pain points for its staff, and helped achieve their targeted objectives and reduce IT management costs.


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