4 Shocking Ways To Lose Your Data

In today’s business environment, information, data, and software are crucial to your success. In the event of a disaster, they are also the most difficult items to recover. Without a backup and disaster recovery solution, you could be left in the dark. Be proactive and learn the risks to keep your data and peace of mind secure.

1. Malware and Viruses

The most common cause of massive data loss is malware and viruses. Malware is intrusive software designed to take your data hostage and destroy files beyond repair. Even systems protected by top-notch security are susceptible.

2. Crashes

There are many reasons for a hard drive failure – specifics aside, any failure can be catastrophic to your data. While the latest IT hardware is moderately resistant to failure, no system is immune to a crash, and it can happen at any time, in any place.

3. Human Error

Human error is a major cause of IT disasters and data loss. In fact, man-made disasters impact 10% of small businesses. Even the most highly trained employees and IT professionals make mistakes from time to time.

4. Natural Disasters

Storms and other natural disasters can knock out your systems and destroy data. An electrical storm could put all of your data at risk if not properly stored, and such losses can be quite significant.

Develop a Disaster Recovery Plan

Does your company have a disaster recovery plan in place? If not, you should discuss having one at hand. Our IT support services provide comprehensive support, strategy and security to growing businesses. We can’t always prevent the disaster, but we can help you create a plan in the event of one. Speak with an IT professional to begin your journey.