Protecting Your Data in a Hybrid Work Environment

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, we have seen a shift in the nature of work. More and more companies are moving to a hybrid and remote model of working. While this shift presents many advantages to agile businesses and employees, it also presents a new set of cybersecurity risks that were previously managed through a shared network and office space.

Best practices for cybersecurity look a little bit different when your employees are working from home. Instead of managing data access and device security from one location, employees are accessing secure information from their work devices in different locations and from varied networks.

Here are some tips to help ensure your data is safe regardless of where you and your team are working.

Encrypt Your Hard Drive

Working from one central office location the potential of theft or loss of hardware and devices is much lower. You can manage entry to the building and lock up at night. Your team is likely only taking their device from desk to conference room. However, in a hybrid work environment, risks of theft and loss increase significantly.

Encryption protects anything on your hard drive with a passcode or key. It cannot be read or accessed by someone without that key.

Use a VPN

When in the office you can secure the network that employees use to work while in the building but when working remotely, your team can connect from many locations with varying levels of network security. Hybrid work exposes data to the increased risk when network security is in question.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) helps your team stay private online by establishing a secure, encrypted connection between the device and the internet. It disguises your IP address when using the internet, making its location invisible to bad actors.

Equipping all devices with a VPN and ensuring your team uses the VPN when working outside of the office will provide an increased layer of security. Your company’s data will remain protected even when your team is working from home or the local coffee shop.

Invest in Strong Anti-Virus

When working remotely, employees may be more inclined to check personal accounts more frequently than when in the office. These tools and systems don’t necessarily adhere to the same level of security as your business. Protecting your company’s data with strong anti-virus software, such as CylanceProtect, will make it more difficult for malicious parties from all avenues of attack.

Malware is always looking for a victim but you can be prepared to thwart attacks on your company’s cybersecurity with enhanced anti-virus protection.

Framework IT can help

We’re big fans of WFH at Framework IT, and recognize the many advantages it can present to your business and your employees. Our team of cybersecurity experts can help ensure your company’s remote technology is safe from attack. Get in touch with an expert for additional support in implementing enhanced cybersecurity for your business.