Should Businesses Worry About Cybersecurity?

Should businesses worry about cybersecurity? The simple answer is yes. Unfortunately, cyber-attacks, data breaches, malware, etc., are common across all sizes of businesses. Many small business leaders are led to believe that they shouldn’t be concerned with their cybersecurity because of their size. Small businesses need to worry just as much as large businesses about cybersecurity, regardless of whether they can invest as heavily in their defenses.

43% of Cyber-Attacks Target Small Businesses

If you’re going to be in business for any significant amount of time, the odds are high you’re going to face a cyber- attack. A recent Verizon data breach analysis reported that small businesses are the target of 43% of cyber-attacks. Small businesses are relatively easy to attack as hackers can find entry points easily due to the generalization that many of them lack protection.


85% of MSPs Report Ransomware as the Biggest Malware Threat to Small Businesses 

Datto surveyed more than 1,400 managed service providers (MSPs) around the world about ransomware and reported that four-in-five MSPs identified ransomware attacks as the leading malware threat to SMBs. The unfortunate reality of this is that most small businesses don’t have a plan to back themselves up.


47% of Small Businesses Feel Keeping Data Secure is A Challenge

VIPRE’s SMB Security Trends reports that nearly half of the small business IT Specialists surveyed find data security to be their biggest IT challenge. This signifies a need to educate staff on ways to identify potential threats, but also the need to implement security solutions.


What’s the Risk of a Cyber-Attack Happening To Your Small Business?

Framework IT has an exceptional team of vCIOs and security experts under one roof ready to help you understand how your current security measures stack up in today’s cyberthreat landscape. We will perform a personalized risk assessment to understand where your business should be protecting itself. If you’re ready to take steps to secure your business’s data, Framework is happy to help!