5 Ways a vCIO Will Enhance Your Businesses IT

Organizations that view technology as mission-critical will recognize a need for strategic IT leadership. That doesn’t mean you need to hire a CIO, necessarily. 

Virtual CIO (vCIO) services exist to fill this need without the commitment of bringing on a full-time employee. The vCIO influences top management and pursues opportunities to leverage technology to enhance the organization. A vCIO is an external strategic technology leader who can provide expert advice and guidance without the commitment and cost of an in-house CIO. Here are a few ways a vCIO can enhance your business’s IT strategy:

1. vCIOs Bring Specialized Knowledge

A vCIO will bring diverse experiences, knowledge, and an outsider’s perspective to your organization’s technology. A vCIO will often be exposed to a broader range of backgrounds and technologies through consulting with different organizations. This can lead to insights and opportunities that may be more difficult to uncover for someone within an organization that is untrained in tech.

2. vCIOs Have More Resources 

A vCIO can leverage collective knowledge more than an in-house CIO. Most vCIOs work for IT consulting firms or managed service providers. These companies have teams of engineers, often specialized in certain aspects of technology. The vCIO can tap into this subject matter expertise at any time while leveraging their knowledge and experience as needed to provide better advice and greater value.

3. vCIOs Reduce Costs  

The primary benefit of having a vCIO is that it provides you with the help of a CIO without the commitment and cost of an in-house CIO. The average salary of a CIO for a small business is over $120,000 a year. With a vCIO, you get an experienced technology strategist and leader that you can lean on to drive your strategy and improve the organization’s technology – without the price tag. 

4. vCIOs Help You Make Informed Decisions 

An independent perspective is invaluable when making important technology decisions. A vCIO provides an objective viewpoint on your business’s technology needs. They don’t have a stake in any particular solution and can recommend the best solution for your business.

5. vCIOs Provide Scalable Strategies 

A vCIO can provide your business with a scalable IT strategy that can grow with your business. They can help you develop an IT roadmap that aligns with your business goals and can adapt to changing technology trends. They can also help you identify when to add new technology or upgrade existing systems, ensuring your business remains competitive in today’s fast-paced environment.


A vCIO can bring a range of benefits to your SMB, including specialized knowledge, access to more resources, cost savings, objectivity, and scalability. By providing expert advice and guidance, a vCIO can help your business develop and implement a strategic IT plan that aligns with your business goals and enables you to stay competitive in your industry.


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