5 Ways a Co-Managed IT Model Will Benefit Your Business

At Framework IT, we understand that having a strong IT team is crucial to the success of any organization. However, even the most talented in-house team may need help to cover all technology areas and keep up with the ever-changing IT landscape; this is where a co-managed IT model comes in to help. 

A Managed Service Providers’ (MSP) mission is to ensure your business runs without interruption while maintaining maximum security. By supplementing your existing IT staff with the expertise of an MSP, your organization can fill the gaps that may go unnoticed and provide the following benefits:

1. More Available Resources

As the saying goes, “There’s strength in numbers,” which applies to well-run technology. Even the best internal IT team faces staffing limitations and may need help to provide round-the-clock coverage. With economies of scale, MSPs can deploy technicians who can provide more robust coverage and a higher level of continuity, ensuring you never experience downtime in your day-to-day tasks. Additionally, MSPs can rapidly accommodate increased service needs as your business grows without the headaches of you having to recruit, hire, and onboard the right IT staff.

2. Specialization

No matter your internal team’s size, it is unlikely you can field specialists in all areas of technology. MSPs have experts in all areas to help tackle complicated issues. With subject matter expertise, your staff can delegate tickets based on needs to break down the recruitment and specialization barriers. Even a part-time MSP contract will benefit your organization’s overall uptime and productivity. 

3. Cost Efficient

MSPs are more scalable, specialized, and robust in their processes to cater to your business’s fluctuating needs. With just an internal IT team, you may need more capacity for scaling. Your organization can achieve an overall lower IT budget by leveraging an MSP with in-house IT. At Framework IT, our Evolution Framework incentivizes the adoption of technology best practices, ensuring that you are charged less as you adopt more robust technology.

4. Access to Advanced Technology and Tools

MSPs invest in the latest technologies and tools to provide their clients with the most efficient and effective IT solutions. With a co-managed IT model, your business can benefit from these advanced technologies and devices without significantly investing in acquiring and maintaining them, ensuring that your business is always up to date with the latest technology trends and can leverage them to improve productivity and efficiency.

5. Improved Risk Management

MSPs have extensive experience in risk management and can help your business identify potential risks and vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure. They can then work with your internal IT team to implement security measures to mitigate these risks and ensure your business is protected from cyber threats and data breaches. By working together, your business can achieve a higher level of security and risk management than if you were relying solely on your internal IT team.

A co-managed IT model can be a game-changer for businesses that want to maintain their competitive edge in today’s fast-paced digital world. By partnering with a Managed Service Provider, companies can leverage the expertise and advanced technologies that MSPs offer while retaining control of their internal IT operations. The benefits of a co-managed IT model are numerous, from having more available resources, increased specialization, and improved risk management to cost efficiency and access to advanced tools and technologies. Ultimately, businesses that adopt a co-managed IT model can expect to experience improved productivity, uptime, and security, giving them a competitive advantage in the marketplace. At Framework IT, we understand the benefits of a co-managed IT model. We are committed to helping our clients maximize their IT capabilities while minimizing costs and risks.

Discover More Benefits

If you are still unsure of which solution is right for your company, Framework IT can help. With over a decade of experience managing and co-managing environments with internal IT teams and we have a wide breadth of experience. If you would like to learn more about your options managing your IT, contact us and speak to one of our experts!