How Managed IT Improves Productivity in the Workplace

IT can be a powerful tool for streamlining daily productivity in the workplace. Specifically, a managed IT service provider (MSP) can ensure IT is an effective tool that makes improving employee productivity simple by providing you with custom solutions, round-the-clock support, and cost-saving incentives.

Below, we explore the many ways you can use IT to improve productivity in the workplace and how an MSP can help you improve your processes even more.

1. Automate Processes

Automating certain processes is one of the most effective ways to increase productivity and save time and money. This approach allows teams to automate simple functions so they can work on more complex, time-consuming tasks. An MSP can help you determine which tasks can be automated and how to implement automation into your processes seamlessly.

Some examples of tasks you can automate include:

  • Data entry.
  • Scheduling emails, reminders, and social media posts.
  • Invoice reminders and payroll.
  • Calendar shares.
  • To-do list creation.

2. Reduce Downtime

Technology issues happen daily, and some of these challenges easily disrupt workflow. It costs time and money when your team can’t work due to technical difficulties. An MSP can monitor for these issues and provide solutions before they cause downtime. An MSP can also ensure your workflow remains uninterrupted by offering 24/7 support.


3. Secure Your Systems

Cybersecurity is more crucial to organizations than ever before. Malware attacks and data breaches continue to be on the rise. You risk more than substantial downtime if your systems are breached — you also risk your valuable data and your reputation in your industry.

MSPs have the expertise to identify suspicious activity quickly and address potential cyber threats effectively. An MSP can secure your systems by:

  • Installing firewalls and antiviruses.
  • Conducting regular system updates.
  • Proactively monitoring for potential cyber threats.
  • Checking for gaps in your cybersecurity.
  • Ensuring data is handled and stored responsibly.
  • Keeping you updated on cybersecurity regulations, policies, and procedures so your organization complies with industry standards.

4. Manage Your Software Solutions

Using the right software can make a significant difference in your teams’ productivity. An MSP can help you tailor your software solutions to ensure departments have access to the most suitable software solutions for their needs. Additionally, an MSP will assist in managing your cloud solutions, so you can better secure your data and manage those software solutions.


5. Recover Valuable Data

Every organization relies on data to operate. Data protection is vital, so you must be prepared for unexpected incidents leading to data loss. An organization could lose data due to malware attacks, system breakdowns, and even natural disasters.

An MSP can keep your data safe and manage data recovery in the event of an incident in various ways, including performing regular backups, monitoring infrastructure to pick up on potential weak spots in your infrastructure, and implementing data management and disaster recovery plans that minimize downtime. An IT service can help you improve employee productivity by helping ensure data is well-protected.


6. Build a Stronger Infrastructure

Your infrastructure is the backbone of your organization and crucial to ensuring optimal productivity. An MSP will examine your network design and manage your software and hardware configuration. With an MSP, you can build a robust, reliable, secure infrastructure that operates efficiently and leads to increased productivity.

7. Improve Network Speed

Few factors boost productivity in the workplace more than a high network speed and increased network performance. Research even shows a correlation between broadband speed and productivity. Your team is far more likely to work quickly and efficiently when they have access to a reliable network and high-speed internet access.

An MSP can stay on top of your network speed and performance by:

  • Inspecting quality of service measures to prioritize traffic.
  • Scanning for and addressing bottlenecks.
  • Implementing software technologies that improve network performance.
  • Consolidating systems and ensuring all systems are up-to-date.


8. Customize Remote IT Options

You can increase employee productivity with an IT service that’s available 24/7, even to team members who work remotely. An MSP can customize your tools and resources so your team can access these from anywhere they’re working. Access to remote IT options is crucial today, where remote work is becoming the norm.

Additional Ways You Can Increase Productivity

Beyond IT solutions and support from a quality MSP, businesses can implement other strategies to boost productivity across their teams, such as:

  1. Use communication and collaboration apps: Have effective communication channels so that teams can clearly and easily communicate with each other.
  2. Delegate and manage workload: Help project managers better understand how to delegate tasks across their teams so they can manage workloads properly.
  3. Host well-organized meetings with a clear agenda: Save the time you spend in unproductive meetings by having a clear agenda and action items.
  4. Designate clear roles and goals: Increase team workflows by ensuring everyone understands their role and your shared goals.
  5. Offer incentives for efficiency: Set goals for your teams and reward those who meet those goals consistently.
  6. Remove office clutter: Clear the office space of distractions like clutter to create a visually pleasing work environment that promotes productivity.
  7. Encourage breaks throughout the day: Taking short breaks at regular intervals increases productivity and work satisfaction — even a five-minute break between projects can help.
  8. Acknowledge and praise your team: Acknowledge your team’s strengths, offer praise for a job well done, and watch the workflow increase.


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