Framework IT on the Shift to Remote Work on Fox32 Flannery Fired Up

Chicago, IL – Framework IT President Adam Barney appeared on Chicago’s Fox32 Flannery Fired Up, Friday, September 2nd.

Adam Barney, president of Framework IT spoke on Fox32’s Flannery Fired Up with Mike Flannery about the growing shift to remote and hybrid work seen in Chicago since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the pandemic, the Framework IT team has been mostly remote, with some team members in the office only one day a week. Barney noted that among Framework IT partners, several have already transitioned to or are in the process of transitioning to 100% virtual.

Flannery and Barney spoke about the recent Washington Post report on the hybrid work revolution, which featured portions of an interview with Barney, that indicated 14% of Chicago’s pre-pandemic jobs are now entirely remote. Barney called for a re-imagination of Chicago’s downtown office space, with more mixed-use spaces, combining residential and commercial dwellings to provide more opportunities for service industry businesses and flexible working spaces.

“The impact of remote/hybrid work is still unfolding, and business leaders and policymakers need to thoroughly assess the impacts and how to best position their organizations and jurisdictions. Framework IT is well suited to help small and midsized businesses navigate these considerations and empower them to excel in this new environment,” said Barney.

Make technology work for your company’s transition to hybrid and remote work. The Framework IT team is here to support your organization in the shift to virtual work, get in touch today!