Interview with Olivia Anderson, Framework IT Sales Director

Since 2008, Framework IT has been rethinking how to deliver effective and agile IT support, IT strategy, and security services. The team at Framework IT is on a mission to empower business growth by creating measurable and predictable IT outcomes. That begins with our innovative Evolution Standard and Evolution Framework. We sat down with Framework IT Director of Sales, Olivia Anderson, to discuss how Framework IT applies these practices. 

How do you define the Framework IT Business Optimization Process, and how does it benefit Framework IT clients?

Olivia Anderson: The Framework IT Business Optimization Process guides an organization’s IT strategy as it continues to evolve throughout our partnership. We use this set of best practices to construct a Business Optimization Roadmap to align technology and create a vision for the future state of IT.  

We take these steps before formally partnering with an organization to ensure that our expectations are aligned. We gather detailed information to develop an IT roadmap that fits a company’s evolving needs.  

How do these best practices shape the long-term partnership that Framework builds with its clients?

OA: We developed these best practices with over 15 years of client and industry data. We have repeatedly found that response and resolution times are lower when these best practices are in place, recurring issues decrease, and employee downtime decreases. 

Our clients see a 30% reduction in productivity disruptions, and most importantly, implementing these best practices eliminates wasteful IT spending. 

The Framework IT Business Optimization Process seeks to align incentives between Framework and our client partners. As our clients adopt best practices, we reward them with decreased monthly pricing. It’s similar to how an insurance company reduces monthly premiums if someone quits smoking. Our clients see improved efficiency, and our team can support the technology better. It’s a win-win.

The Framework IT Business Optimization Process is vital for how Framework IT delivers its services. What does the process look like in practice?

OA: Our first step is a 30-minute introductory call with the prospective buying group to understand the SMB’s business needs and long-term goals. 

We then complete a thorough technology assessment to determine how Framework can solve the organization’s IT challenges and help the company achieve long-term goals. Guided by the Business Optimization Framework best practices, the assessment process helps to uncover current gaps in an organization’s IT infrastructure.

We deliver these findings in a comprehensive strategic IT roadmap to provide a clear understanding of the current state of technology, potential gaps, and our recommended solutions to close those gaps. With this roadmap, we show prospective clients how implementing these recommendations will decrease the monthly pricing for our Managed IT Services. 

The Business Optimization Roadmap is a truly comprehensive resource for free for our prospects, even if they decide not to partner with us. 

In your experience, how does this process benefit prospects and, eventually, the organizations who choose to partner with Framework IT?

OA: Many leaders do not regularly revisit their IT strategy because it can be challenging to see the ROI. 

The Framework IT Business Optimization Process helps leaders understand what needs improvement and provides expert solutions. In my experience, leaders who take the time upfront to help us understand the organization’s pain points and ideal future state reap the benefits for years to come. Once leaders see the potential for a strategic approach to IT, the positive ROI is unquestionable.

Not all IT Companies are Created Equal

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