Case Study: National Staffing Firm

A national staffing firm with Fortune 500 clients and over 300 full-time employees and 30,000 contract workers. The company has 20 offices spread across 15 states.

Business Challenge:

The 4 person internal IT team struggled to manage the patchwork of different phone systems scattered across interstate offices cobbled together during periods of expansion and growth.  With so many employees to support, the team also had difficulty tackling the larger projects to make the organization’s storage, virtual servers, networking, and telephony infrastructure highly available, all of which were high priorities for the CEO and COO. The final trigger for change occurred when the telecommunications services and spending became too cumbersome and expensive to maintain.

Framework IT Solution:

Framework analyzed the client’s voice and data service spending across all locations as well as the on-premise phone system. Framework IT discovered that by simply moving the client into VoIP phone service, they could save enough money to pay for a new IP phone system that would complement VoIP which would allow them to eliminate the cost and time-drain of supporting 20 different phone systems. Moreover, the move also offered the latest unified communications features which helped achieve their initiative to make their telephone infrastructure more redundant. Framework IT installed an Avaya IP Office Server Edition with a backup server and trunking in their data center space and used advanced routing to centralize all VoIP phone service through their Chicago office.  This design led to a 70% reduction in their monthly telecom spending, and even after the cost of the IP Office phone system, the company faced saving $300,000 over the next 6 years. Framework IT Solutions Architects also designed and implemented a highly available virtual server, networking, and storage area network environment, allowing the internal IT team to focus on support and other projects.