Framework IT Rapidly Moves and Upgrades a Marketing Organization’s Technology

The marketing firm is a comprehensive brand management and marketing solutions company, spanning various platforms and industries. Faced with relocating their headquarters and production facilities within a tight timeframe, the firm expressed dissatisfaction and mistrust towards their existing Managed IT Services provider. By collaborating with Framework IT, they successfully carried out a significant move while sustaining regular operations. During the transition, this partnership also facilitated upgrades to their voice solution, backup and disaster recovery systems, network infrastructure, and internet connectivity.


After enduring a challenging period amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the marketing firm orchestrated a remarkable turnaround, experiencing rapid growth once again. However, the client grappled with significant technological hurdles. These included the imperative to relocate their headquarters and production facilities on short notice, difficulties in establishing effective remote work capabilities and maintaining productivity, and managing a plethora of staff onboardings while lacking an internal IT team. Moreover, the external IT vendor they had previously engaged was a source of dissatisfaction and mistrust, particularly concerning its ability to juggle multiple high-priority initiatives within the desired short timeline.

The CEO, whose background lay in marketing rather than technology, confronted the unenviable choice of either closely overseeing these IT projects with the current vendor or opting for a higher-caliber Managed Services Provider (MSP) capable of effectively and simultaneously addressing these multifaceted needs. Recognizing the daunting nature of micromanaging such an array of technological requirements and acknowledging their lack of expertise in the field, the CEO partnered with Framework IT.

Business Challenge: 

Having successfully revived its business post-pandemic, the marketing firm encountered a host of technology-related issues. The most immediate requirement was to identify a more dependable and high-quality Managed Services Provider (MSP) capable of efficiently executing numerous concurrent initiatives within an extremely tight timeframe. A seamless transition process from the new MSP was deemed paramount for the firm, lest it compromise the successful execution of the multiple mission-critical projects.

Following closely in priority level, another pressing concern was an impending lease deadline mandating the relocation of their corporate headquarters and production facilities to new premises. This endeavor involved transferring a substantial amount of technology infrastructure. Furthermore, specific components of the existing network, data backup, and voice systems had become outdated and deprecated due to insufficient investment during the firm’s survival mode during the pandemic. These issues needed simultaneous resolution in conjunction with the office moves. The timeline for addressing all these challenges was constrained to just two months, owing to the expiration of their current lease.

Beyond these immediate and substantial challenges, the marketing firm continued to grapple with implementing technology systems that would comprehensively facilitate a productive remote work experience. This deficiency was negatively impacting overall productivity.

Framework IT Solution: 

On day one of engagement, Framework IT initiated an onsite assessment of the existing technology systems while concurrently devising a comprehensive strategy to manage the multifaceted challenges tied to relocating the client’s operations. This included upgrading their infrastructure to tackle a range of IT obstacles. Swiftly, Framework IT’s engineers, alongside their dedicated vCIO, formulated a project plan encompassing the client’s site transitions, enhancements to network infrastructure, migration of telephony services, improved internet connectivity, and an upgraded data backup and disaster recovery solution.

Despite the intricacies, the client achieved a seamless move of their entire corporate staff and production floor, coupled with upgrading network capabilities, internet connectivity, and telephony solutions. All these significant changes were successfully implemented to ensure uninterrupted business operations within a single extended weekend.

Having addressed the client’s most urgent requirements, Framework continued to deliver ongoing IT support, strategy development, and security measures. This approach aimed to ensure sustained and efficient IT management, safeguard productivity, mitigate risk, and promote prudent technology investments moving forward. Currently, the Framework vCIO collaborates closely with the client to introduce supplementary security measures, further diminishing the organization’s potential vulnerabilities and risk profile.


Framework IT’s engineers not only orchestrated a flawless transition of the organization’s corporate and production operations but also simultaneously addressed outdated and problematic technological components. A mere three months into the partnership with Framework, the client was fully operational within new office spaces. This transition came hand in hand with enhanced network infrastructure, the utilization of significantly faster and more dependable fiber internet connections, and the integration of more robust voice, backup, and disaster recovery solutions. These enhancements effectively resolved most of the client’s prior obstacles related to remote work, thereby elevating workforce flexibility and productivity.

Furthermore, the continuous provision of IT support, strategic guidance, and security measures by Framework’s Managed IT Services has empowered the client’s leadership to relinquish the need for micromanaging technology projects and IT concerns. This shift in responsibility has allowed them to concentrate on their organization’s ongoing expansion and growth.



Framework IT skillfully transformed what could have been a stressful scenario for the client into manageable projects, facilitating the migration of the client’s technology to new locations and the seamless implementation of various enhanced solutions, all within a short timeframe and with minimal obstacles. Integrating these more resilient technology solutions has effectively eradicated challenges related to the remote workforce, elevated overall productivity, and significantly mitigated the risks associated with data loss and cyberthreats. Consequently, the client now enjoys heightened peace of mind due to these substantial improvements.

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