How Framework IT Streamlined IT & Boosted Productivity for a Museum

A museum faced IT obstacles affecting productivity. Partnering with Framework IT led to streamlined operations, enhanced security, and improved productivity through upgraded connectivity, device upgrades, security measures, data backup, and optimized printing operations.


The Museum, committed to providing exceptional learning experiences for children, encountered significant IT obstacles that impeded its efficiency and productivity. With limited internal resources and sporadic external consultants, supporting a staff of over 100 individuals and various technology systems became challenging for the museum’s network administrator.  These systems included security cameras, credit card terminals, and touch-screen cash registers. The absence of proactive management and support systems and the museum’s requirement to operate seven days a week strained the network administrator and raised concerns about business continuity. Additionally, the museum’s failure to meet cybersecurity insurance requirements highlighted the need for a comprehensive technology strategy with professional support and cybersecurity service delivery.

Business Challenge: 

The Museum’s heavy reliance on a lone network administrator and the absence of a cohesive IT strategy presented numerous challenges. The network administrator struggled to balance multiple responsibilities and provide support for various technology systems across the museum, leading to stretched expertise and limited capacity. The lack of a ticketing system and inadequate technology asset tracking further hindered efficient IT management. It became evident that relying on a single individual to dictate IT strategy posed a risk to the organization. The museum also faced obstacles in obtaining cybersecurity insurance due to non-compliance with specific requirements.

Framework IT Solution: 

To address these challenges, the museum turned to Framework IT, having had a positive experience with its managed services through its CFO’s previous employer. Framework IT delivered a comprehensive solution that enhanced the museum’s infrastructure, security, and productivity.

Firstly, Framework IT upgraded the museum’s internet and backup connectivity by installing dedicated fiber internet, ensuring stable and high-speed internet access. This upgrade significantly reduced wait times and improved productivity for the staff and visitors experience.
Framework IT also identified and upgraded end-of-life Windows devices used by 25% of the museum’s workforce. This improvement eliminated performance issues and bolstered the organization’s security posture, safeguarding sensitive data.

To address cybersecurity concerns, Framework IT implemented multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all G Suite accounts, reducing the risk of mailbox breaches. Framework also deployed a third-party email security solution. Additionally, Framework implemented security awareness training to mitigate the risk of phishing attacks and enhance the staff’s ability to protect the museum’s systems and data.

Additionally, Framework IT implemented a robust data backup and disaster recovery solution, minimizing the risk of data loss and business interruption. The museum transitioned to cloud storage, freeing up space on internal servers and avoiding the need for additional on-premises hardware investment.

Furthermore, Framework IT deployed fully managed enterprise multi-function printer devices, improving print quality, reducing costs, and optimizing printing operations.


The partnership with Framework IT significantly improved the museum’s security, productivity, and cost-effectiveness. Implementing these solutions led to reduced tickets per employee, support hours per employee, and resolution time. The museum experienced a 10% decrease in tickets per employee and a 6.2% decrease in support hours per employee. Framework IT’s streamlined processes also resulted in a 2% faster average ticket resolution time. Moreover, the museum saw reduced managed service provider (MSP) expenses per employee, resulting in a $19.58 per employee per month decrease in pricing.


By collaborating with Framework IT, the museum overcame its IT challenges and achieved streamlined IT operations, enhanced security, and improved productivity. Implementing solutions such as upgraded connectivity, end-of-life device upgrades, foundational security measures, robust data backup and disaster recovery, and optimized printing operations enabled the museum to operate more efficiently and effectively. The partnership with Framework IT exemplifies the value of a reliable managed service provider in addressing IT challenges and driving success in the non-profit sector.


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