Make a Confident Transition to Cloud

The benefits of cloud computing—lower costs, greater flexibility and easy scalability—are common knowledge. But before you dive in, here are a few important questions to ask before making the transition to cloud.

Which cloud model is the best fit for you?

Deciding which cloud model will be best for you—public, private or hybrid cloud—comes down to several factors, like the complexity of your applications and data, your IT budget and what industry-specific regulations you must comply with.

  • Public Clouds are often the most practical solutions because many organizations share the core infrastructure hosted by third parties. Costs stay relatively low and you can enjoy the flexibility of subscription-based pricing.
  • Private Cloud works best for those in more sensitive or tightly regulated industries such as financial services or healthcare.
  • Hybrid cloud is the best of both worlds by allowing you to store sensitive data and complex applications on a private cloud while less critical functions are kept on a public cloud.


Which applications should you move to the cloud?

To start, small businesses should migrate applications that don’t require very low latency or high performance and availability such as email, messaging, and file sharing.


How can I maximize performance and security at the same time?

Find peace of mind over security concerns by considering your cloud provider’s security mechanisms. Most major cloud providers are well-equipped with excellent security measures at a much smaller cost than what most small businesses could afford to implement on their own.

 Having a complete understanding of what the transition to cloud entails is important to make a knowledgeable decision and ensure a smooth migration. We’d like to offer our expert advice, so you can get the answers to all your questions or concerns.

Now through the end of December, we’re offering a free, no-obligation cloud assessment where we’ll look at your current situation and make recommendations on how cloud can help you increase efficiency and security all while saving money. Contact us today.