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Gone in 60 Seconds: Why is Disaster Recovery Important?

Remember that sense of panic you had the last time you couldn’t find your smartphone? Now imagine your phone represents your company’s data and software systems. What would you do if you lost everything in the next 60 seconds? While your phone is usually in the last place you look, in the business world, losing […]

The Only Ransomware Protection Your Business Needs

As we rang in the new decade, the Emisoft Malware Lab’s 2019 State of Ransomware Report notified us that last year approximately 764 healthcare organizations, 113 state municipalities, and 89 universities were victims of this vicious form of malware. After a ransomware attack, hackers acquire and lock your employees out of their personal data. These […]

Ameda, Inc.

“You don’t just need an IT person. Quite frankly you need a network person, a PC person, a mobile device person. Even if you wanted to have your own IT department, you probably couldn’t find a person that could do all of that, and so what’s nice about Framework is that if we have a […]

The Compounder

“You guys make it easy. we can’t tell you how much we appreciate the fact that you’re responsive and we never feel like a burden, nor do we feel like we’re being taken advantage of, which was a consistent issue with our previous service provider.”

Kimbark Beverage Distributors

“During a recent storm, we were back up and running before all the other businesses in the area including Chase Bank & CVS thanks to Framework. I love the peace of mind that Framework Communications delivers.”

Perrine Knight

I started working with Framework in a very limited capacity 5 years ago and they so consistently exceeded expectations. I now rely on them for essentially all of my IT needs.

Make a Confident Transition to Cloud

The benefits of cloud computing—lower costs, greater flexibility and easy scalability—are common knowledge. But before you dive in, here are a few important questions to ask before making the transition to cloud.

Is a Managed Service Provider the Answer to Cutting Costs?

Every business looks to keep costs down, but the best way to do that differs based on many variables—especially when it comes to your IT. Staffing and maintaining an experience IT team is expensive, plus there’s the cost of fixing daily hiccups, constants updates and continually evolving to new technologies to stay competitive. Technology is […]

Optimize Collaboration and Business Processes with Microsoft Office 365

The way organizations conduct business is ever changing thanks to the rise of mobile technology and cloud computing. Where work was typically conducted within the office, it now increasingly takes place in homes, hotels, airports and while sipping a non-fat latte with no foam and an extra shot of espresso. No doubt, mobility offers great […]

Making the Best Choices for Your Business Email

Running a business is a 365 day a year job. While you focus on running your business, let Framework Communications focus on keeping you up-to-date on the latest developments in information technology. In the 4th quarter of 2015, Microsoft launched Exchange Server 2016 and implemented updates to its Office 365 service and software suite. While […]

Safeguarding Data: Preventative Medicine

Be safe, not sorry… The life of a physician rarely allows for extracurricular studies in operational system security. However, a practice’s professional health relies on being HIPAA compliant. Even though you think you are HIPAA compliant, you have a nagging fear that your sensitive patient information (PHI) could be at risk or compromised. Time isn’t […]

Understanding HIPAA: Part 1

The HIPAA in the Room Mention HIPAA to any member of the healthcare industry and you may notice an involuntary shudder followed by a cool wave of ambivalence.  What is it about that assembly of letters that evokes such a reaction?  What is it about HIPAA …

Top 10 Cloud Data Storage Myths

Cloud computing has certainly grown in recent years, but it still hasn’t reached its full potential. Some of that is based on a lack of innovation and external capabilities, but much is rooted in common misconceptions about what the cloud is and what it can do. Let’s clear the air and decipher what’s really in […]

10 Advantages of Virtualization Solutions for Chicago Businesses

Do you find yourself with a lack of time and resources on your company’s IT front? Is your staff’s training and industry knowledge becoming outdated and irrelevant? Rather than invest a large amount of time, money and energy into revamping your current technology, it may be time to invest in server virtualization for the future […]

What Can Cloud Hosted PBX do for Your Chicago Small Business?

Small and mid-sized businesses sometimes lack the resources and capabilities of larger corporations. Thankfully, new technologies are leveling the playing field. In particular, cloud hosted PBX solutions have given smaller businesses the ability to access sophisticated telephone systems that were once reserved solely for large budgets and giant corporations.

Managed IT Benefits Chicago Educational Institutions: Here’s How

For IT executives — regardless of experience and skill — large educational institutions are challenging to work with. Virtually everyone on campus is connected to a single network, and many students and faculty members are connected via multiple devices. On top of that, there is the need for incredibly deep and sophisticated software applications, hardware […]

Securing Cloud Storage: Lessons Learned via Target and Home Depot

Whether it’s the recent celebrity hacks or large data breaches at Target, Home Depot and Jimmy John’s, one thing is clear: it’s important to guard cloud data. Data storage is becoming increasingly complex and virtual, but so are hackers. Truly keeping your data safe requires adherence to responsible practices and safety procedures.