4 Perks of a Managed IT Service Provider

Who is ensuring your technology helps you reach your goals? IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs) use teams of specialists to bring your business goals to life with the help of strategy, support, and security.

1. Technology Strategy Consulting

The value of technology strategy consulting lies in the ability to communicate the benefits of a healthy IT environment. Having a voice on your team who focuses on the technology that will help you grow is a common theme of successful businesses. A successful IT MSP will start here, at the strategic level. They’ll provide your business with a full team of leadership-level thinkers who focus on the outcomes of the technology you have and how new platforms or products can help you get to where you need to go. 

2. Outsourced IT Help Desk

Some businesses hire internal staff to support the entire organization’s IT requirements. Outsourcing your help desk allows you to leverage dozens of engineers with diverse skill sets that can solve issues quickly, from a simple password reset to the most complex server migrations. To deliver this, MSPs hire engineers from different disciplines to build a hierarchical structure for delivering IT support. A good IT MSP provides your business with the functional strength and support of an enterprise-grade help desk at a fraction of the cost of building one internally.

3. Security and Services Training

Do you know your liability for a cyber-attack? IT breaches can cost time and money, damage your reputation, and hamper your ability to work. MSPs provide ongoing education to educate employees on how to identify common signs of malware attacks.

4. Documentation and Best Practice Alignment

MSPs will create a central repository for all of your IT assets, passwords, and admin rights that are associated with them. Upon onboarding, your MSP will document your business’ assets, processes, and how they’re used. When a new technology or process gets added, it goes into the documentation, and the cycle continues for ultimate awareness.

Looking for Tech Support?

You need someone on your side who can help you leverage technology as an asset. Framework understands the value that technology will add to your business, and we want to help bring your organization to the next level. Speak with an IT specialist for more details.