Managed IT Benefits Chicago Educational Institutions: Here’s How

For IT executives — regardless of experience and skill — large educational institutions are challenging to work with. Virtually everyone on campus is connected to a single network, and many students and faculty members are connected via multiple devices. On top of that, there is the need for incredibly deep and sophisticated software applications, hardware and data storage capabilities. It already sounds a bit overwhelming, doesn’t it?

The Value of Partnering with a Managed Service Provider

For many IT executives, overwhelming may only be an underestimation. But a little assistance from a friendly managed service provider (MSP), can make that overwhelming feeling a thing of the past. For schools and educational institutions in particular, an MSP affords you the ability to:

  • Setup wireless access points. At this point, it’s a given that schools and educational institutions should have a wireless network. An MSP can manage and monitor the issues that typically arise with wireless access points in large campuses or crowded facilities.
  • Streamline supply management. Whether it’s hardware or software, schools pose a number of unique requirements. In most cases, they need access to resources quickly and efficiently. With an MSP, streamlined supply management decreases downtime and allows students and faculty members to be as productive as possible.
  • Respond quicker. When everything goes wrong at the same time, where do you start? An MSP can ease the burden associated with continual maintenance issues by providing ongoing support and assistance. This helps alleviate unnecessary downtime that prevents students from accessing educational resources such as Blackboard or LexisNexis, and allow faculty to conduct research and submit grades in a timely manner.
  • Stay safe and secure. When you’re dealing with hundreds or thousands of students and faculty members, it’s your responsibility to keep their information and data safe. Can you imagine what a large-scale data loss disaster would do to the integrity of your institution? Not to mention the ramifications such a loss would have for certain departments, such as financial aid, which must meet multiple state and federal regulations. An MSP with disaster recovery can prevent data loss if there is an IT catastrophe or security breach.
  • Spend less. What could your school do with some extra money? Ask anyone who currently uses an MSP what the biggest benefits are and inevitably, cost-efficiency is brought up at some point in the discussion. Managed service providers lower the cost of ownership on your end and reduce system downtime to allow you to hang on to more of your money.
  • Scale according to needs. Schools and educational institutions are prime examples of the need for scalability and flexibility. Depending on the number of students admitted and accepted each year, IT requirements can vary drastically. An MSP will work with you to develop a growth plan for software, hardware, and network capacity.
  • Work with confidence. Regardless of the industry, you need confidence to do your job well. When backed by an MSP, you’ll find yourself increasingly confident in your capabilities.

For schools and educational institutions, partnering with a managed service provider is advantageous and beneficial. From being able to setup wireless access points and streamlining supply management to disaster recovery and scalability, an MSP provides incredible value.

At Framework Communications, we believe in delivering that value, while creating a carefree, scalable IT experience. For more information on our managed IT service solutions, contact us today!