Is a Managed Service Provider the Answer to Cutting Costs?

Every business looks to keep costs down, but the best way to do that differs based on many variables—especially when it comes to your IT. Staffing and maintaining an experience IT team is expensive, plus there’s the cost of fixing daily hiccups, constants updates and continually evolving to new technologies to stay competitive. Technology is essential to your success, but sometimes trying to do it all on your own is overwhelming and not the best thing for your bottom line. That’s why many organizations are looking to a trusted managed services provider (MSP) for help with some, or all, of their IT.

Here are some of the ways an MSP can help you cut your costs and get back your valuable time:


Keep Downtime to a Minimum

Downtime is the enemy of all businesses. Unplanned downtime has a hefty price tag of $5,000 per minute, and every minute employees work trying to fix a technical problem is more dollars flying out the window. An MSP proactively keeps an eye on your systems 24/7 and acts before outages happen.  

Improve Security

It’s difficult to predict the value of a security breach until it happens to you. A 2016 IBM Security survey revealed that the average total cost of a data breach is $4 million. Teaming up with an MSP to implement security tools, such as firewalls, antivirus, network monitoring and more, can save you from paying big ticket data breach prices.


Get More Done

There are plenty of technology solutions that enhance your overall productivity. Many businesses are getting help from MSPs to implement and manage cloud solutions such as Office 365 to streamline collaboration, mobility and accessibility.


Make Better Investments

Having a clear understanding of your unique goals and where you see yourself in the coming years plays a big roll in finding the right technology. Working with an MSP can give you insights into industry trends and technology advancements to ensure you get to where you want to go.

We recognize that saving money is an important part of achieving your goals—and can help. Through September 30, we’ll help you cut costs by offering a free, no obligation IT cost reduction assessment. We’ll evaluate your current situation and make suggestions to help you save money. If we can’t save you money, we’ll give you $100. Contact us today to learn more and get your business moving in the right direction.