How to Use the Framework IT Insta-Fax Portal

The Framework Insta-Fax portal allows you to send and receive faxes through the VoIP web portal as .html, .pdf, .doc, .docx, .jpg, .png, or .tiff files. New incoming faxes can also be set up to be copied to an email account.

To access the Fax portal, visit:

To send a fax from the PBX portal, click the Send Fax button on the Fax Inbox page.


**Note: Sent faxes are only kept for 15 days.

Step by Step Instructions to Send a Fax

  1. Click the Send Fax button.
  2. Choose the appropriate Cover Page option
    1. None
    2. Compose: This option will allow you to enter the text that will be sent as a cover page.
    3. File: This option will allow you to choose a file that will be sent as a cover page. The system accepts the following files formats: html; pdf; doc; docx; jpg; png; codt.
  3. Choose a file to be faxed. The system accepts the following files formats for the fax document: html; pdf; doc; docx; jpg; png; odt
    Fax A
  4. Select the Caller ID Number that you wish to appear on the outbound fax.Fax B
  5. Enter the phone number of the fax recipient in the Phone Number field. 10 or 11 digit phone numbers are accepted but not 7 digits.
    Fax C
  6. Click the Send button.
  7. When the fax is accepted by the Fax Server, a notification message will be displayed.

Instant Fax Caller ID

When sending an outbound fax, you will be allowed to choose any DID that has been configured as Instant Fax Portal as the Fax CallerID that is already routed to the portal user.

If there is no Instant Fax Portal configured DID currently routed to the portal user, then the system will use 0000000000 as the Caller ID for outbound faxes.

Only subscribed users to the DID that is configured as Instant Fax Portal are able to use the DID as Fax Caller ID.


Fax Notifications

Once a fax is uploaded to the fax server for delivery, it will be placed into an outgoing job queue for delivery. The fax server will try to deliver the fax up to 6 attempts. If the fax is not delivered after the 6 attempts, the job will be aborted. Common reasons for the non-delivery of faxes include busy numbers and humans answering the destination fax line. Users will receive a notification stating the status of the fax.

Notification regarding the status of sent faxes will be placed into the Sent Folder of the Fax page (sent fax notifications will NOT be emailed to the PBX User).

Notifications A

***Note: Send/Receive Fax limit: 20b or 100 pages (whichever comes first).

Receiving Faxes

Inbound faxes will appear in the Fax Inbox and can be emailed to the email address of the PBX User.

Fax Inbox

***Note: Inbound faxes are retained until they are deleted in the portal.

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