How to Submit a Phone Support Ticket

Beyond succinctly describing the phone service issue you’re having, there are a few key pieces of information that you should include in your requests.

To open a ticket please do one of the following:

Our team can better assess and assign the best technician to resolve your issue if you include the following: 


1. Extension Number

For most phones, this can typically be found in the upper left corner of the phone display. If multiple phones are affected, please provide all extension numbers that are having an issue. This allows us to begin troubleshooting on the backend before reaching out.

2. Best Contact Information

This should include your windows of time and the best number to be reached at. If your desk phone is inoperable, please provide an alternative phone number to reach you at. This helps avoid additional back and forth and increases the possibility for resolution quickly.

3. Messages and Error Codes

If there is a specific message or error code that you see in your phone display or heard when dialing, please note this in your ticket. Details matter, the more we have, the more we can look up or reference to quickly bring your ticket to resolution.


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