iPhone ReachUC SMS


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SMS/Texting on ReachUC (Android)

User/extension with a direct phone number will be able to text internally with users in their company domain. To use sms/texting features with an external phone number a 10DLC Brand and Campaign registration must be completed. A direct dial phone number assigned to the extension/user is needed as well. Please reach out to the Telephony Team to complete the 10DLC registration process and assign a direct phone number.

  • To Start a chat, tap on the Messages icon on the bottom of the screen to open the Messages section.


  • From the following screen click on the Pencil icon at the top right of the screen.


  • You will then be brought to the following screen.


  • Enter the extension or phone number of whom you would like to send a sms/text message in the To bar using the dial pad.


  • Or search through your contacts list and click on the Text icon next to the contact to SMS/text.  



  • After all recipients have been entered, click on the Message Bar to enter a message.


Picture20-1 Once your message is ready click on the Send icon.

Adding Attachments

You can add attachments to the message. Click on the Paperclip icon in the Message Bar to bring up the following options.


  • This will bring up the following options.



Camera Attachment


Clicking on the Image from Camera option will open up your mobile phone’s camera to take a picture and attached it to your message.



Gallery/Photo Attachment



Clicking on the Image from Photo Library option will open up your mobile phone’s photo gallery to add a picture to your message.

Document Attachment



Clicking on the Pick a Document option will open documents saved to your phone. Click on one to attach the file to your message.



Voice Recording Attachment


Clicking on the Record Voice Message option will pull up the following.






Tap on the Recording Bar at the bottom of the screen to begin recording.


Tap the Recording Bar again to stop recording and auto attach to your message.






Picture28-1   Tap the cancel icon to the right of the Recording Bar to exit and go back without recording.




Picture20-1 Click on the Send Icon to the right of the Message Bar once you have completed your message and adding attachments.



Do you have more questions on VoIP? Click here to learn more about VoIP at Framework IT.