Case Study: Non-Profit Manufacturing Organization

This non-profit assists manufacturers and small businesses with a range of services from government contracting, to international trade, to employee hiring and training incentive programs.

Business Challenge:

The client experienced hard drive failure on their single server. A data restore attempt failed when the backup turned out to be corrupted; they ended up spending almost $2,000 in consulting fees to replace the drives and restore the data.  As with many non-profits, their budget was extremely limited but they also couldn’t afford another instance in which their server was down for 3 days.

Framework IT Solution:

Framework IT implemented an extremely cost-effective disaster recovery solution, with complete backup images of the server stored both onsite and offsite. The client can sleep easy at night knowing they can quickly restore images of their entire server, or individual files, and messages instantly via the onsite backup image. In the event of an extended server outage, Framework IT can create virtual servers with the image of their server in our data center, allowing them to resume operations quickly and efficiently.