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The Framework IT Business Optimization Process

Developed with over a decade of data, the Framework IT Business Optimization Process is designed to help agile companies create measurable and predictable IT outcomes. Our proven process improves productivity, cuts wasteful spending, and supports long-term planning to promote lean business practice and agility.



We set out to develop an understanding of current and future states of your company's technology & infrastructure. 



We produce an in-depth analysis of your technology to identify security threats, determine best practice gaps, and assess where your IT does not align with your organizational needs.



We develop a Business Optimization Roadmap to show the phased approach your company can take to align with The Business Optimization Framework that will drive better security, productivity, and reduce risk. This Roadmap ensures we’re all on the same page about your company’s IT strategy and avoids misaligned expectations going into a partnership.



Your Business Optimization Roadmap is executed at your desired pace and budget by our team of experts. You become more standardized, scalable, and optimized, so we reward your company with decreased monthly pricing for our Managed IT Services.



Your company is continuously supported according to Framework IT's Three Pillars of Managed Services. 


Our ongoing services include comprehensive support, strategy, and security.

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