How Does the Framework IT Helpdesk Prioritize Tickets?

Impact vs. Urgency plays a major role in how our team triages and prioritizes issues sent in from our partners and end-users. We use the word triage, as it works the same way an emergency room would. A patient, or in our case, end-user submits a ticket requesting an email distribution list be created, would be scheduled to be completed later in the day if at the same time an entire office has lost connection to their network.

Our team works diligently to assess how many users are effected and to what extent, to prioritize issues that have a larger impact on their organization or halt work flows entirely. Every issue is important to us, and we track closely the number of tickets opened and closed. Triaging helpdesk tickets with this method, helps Framework IT ensure that we address cybersecurity threats that put your entire business at risk before concerns that may be quicker fixes but not as impactful or as urgent to your company.


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