How to Correctly Restart Your Computer

Do you remember the last time you restarted your computer? Frequent restarts will enhance performance speeds, reset the memory, fix bugs, and much more.  

Restarting is the first process that Framework’s tech team will ask to try you try in the event of an issue. Here are the steps to restart your computer to ensure that your workstation is as efficient as possible: 

  1. Choose the Window’s button located in the bottom left corner.  
  2. Sign out of the current user. 
  3. Locate the Power button, once clicked it will prompt you to choose Restart. 

When the restart is complete, you will find yourself back at the login and should be able to carry on. As a general rule, aim to restart your computer one to two times per week.  

If restarting your workstation does not correct the issue, let Framework IT tackle the job. Our on-call technicians have a 97% satisfaction rate with response times that aim to boost your overall productivity. Contact us now to learn more about our award-winning services.  

Notes from the Author 

You waited in line at the club and had your ID ready for an hour.  You make it to the bouncer, show it and have a wonderful night.  It’s closing time and last call.  Another great night!  It’s next week and you walk up to the bouncer and wonder why you have to show your ID again!!  Doesn’t he know you!!! 

This is what a Workstation, the computer that you use for your employment, has to deal with on a regular basis.  Access to networks, Folders and Files, Shared drives, Etc.  If your Workstation has been logged in and left on for x amount of days, it’s about the equivalent of being left in the bathroom at the club, after closing! 

Rebooting/Restarting/Powering down.  All of these have a purpose and place in the tech world. 

Do you have more questions about restarting your computer? Click here to contact one of our IT experts.