How to Use Your Yealink Phone – A Quick Reference Guide

Framework IT VoIP partners typically use Yealink Phones. This guide will walk you through the basic functionalities of using your Yealink device.

Placing a Call
Answer a Call
Transfer a Call
Placing a Call on Hold
Conference Calls
Muting a Call
Parking a Call
Recording a Call
Voicemail Access
Placing a Call

  1. Lift handset or;
  2. Press the speakerphone  or headset button
  3. Enter the number  
  4. Press the Send soft key or the #Send button 

Answer a Call

  1. Pick up the handset; or; 
  2. Press the Speakerphone button  or headset button or;  
  3. Press the Answer softkey

Transfer a Call

  1. Press the Transfer (Tran) soft key or Transfer button
  2. Enter the number to transfer the call to & press the #Send softkey or 
  3. Press the Transfer (Tran) soft key or Transfer button  to complete the transfer. You have the option of speaking with the party first or you may complete the transfer once ringing is heard.  

Placing a Call on Hold

  1. Press the Hold soft key; or 
  2. Press the Hold button (If equipped) 
  3. To Resume the call, do one of the following: 
    1. If there is only 1 call on hold Press the Resume soft key  
    2. If there is more than one call on hold, press to select the desired call, and then press the Resume soft key 

Conference Calls

  1. While on an active call, press the Conference (Conf) soft key. 
  2. Enter the number of the second party & press Send soft key or the #Send button 
  3. Press the Conference (Conf) soft key when the second party answers to join the callers  

Managing a Conference Call 

  1. While on a Conference call Press the Manage soft key   
  2. Use the  arrow buttons to select a caller  
  3. Press the far end mute (FarMute) soft key to restrict a party from speaking
  4. Press the Remove soft key to drop the party from the conference call 


Muting a Call

  1. Press the Mute Button  To mute your audio device.  
  2. Press the Mute button  again to unmute your audio device 

Parking a Call (if equipped)

  1. While on a call Press any unoccupied Park zone button (occupied Park zone buttons will be lit red & unoccupied will be lit green).  or; 
  2. Press the *** for dynamic call park (The system will assign a park zone to your call. Please note the park zone that is heard).

To retrieve a parked call –  

  1. Dial the park zone number and press Send soft key or the #Send button or; 
  2. Lift handset and press the occupied Park zone button (lit red). 

Recording a Call 

  1. While on a call Press *80 to Start Recording  
  2. Press *81 to Stop Recording 

*All call recordings will be stored in the user’s Call History within the User Web Portal and can be played back or downloaded. Recordings are available for 30 days within the web portal. 


Voicemail Access 

  1. To check your mailbox from your own telephone:
    1. Press the Message button or dial 5001  
    2. Enter PIN followed by the # key 
  2. To check your mailbox from any other telephone on your network:
    1. Dial 5000 
    2. Enter Mailbox number  
    3. Enter PIN followed by the # key
      *See Voice Mail Menu Flow Chart for more details. 

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