Manage Your Passwords: The Droid Edition


This is for all the people who thought they didn’t need to track their passwords because their browsers save them anyway. I used to be one of you…then my computer crashed and I lost all the passwords. All of them. Besides: If you’re one of the millions of people that use Chrome as a web browser, there’s something you should know. Anyone, and I mean anyone with access to your computer has access to all of your saved passwords on Chrome. Ever try typing “chrome://settings/passwords” into Chrome’s search bar? You’ll find all of your usernames/passwords for all the sites you’ve saved the password to on Chrome. All of this is easily accessible by pretty much anyone on your computer. Yeah.

So ensure security and avoid clicking on the “Forgot Password” button by managing your passwords using one of the apps below.

Password Genie:

Password Genie serves almost as an electronic wallet, storing everything in one convenient place on your smartphone. The developers pride the app on its simplicity— it can be accessed with only one simple password.

You can sync all of your data with all of your devices, so any changes you make will be reflected across all platforms that you use, all of your information is encrypted, using 128-bit SSL and 128-AES encryption and you can store all of your passwords, logins, credit card numbers, insurance info, pin numbers, garage codes, Rx numbers, and so much more. You can also store a photo of your card if you want.

Your passwords are organized by category, and the app allows for the creation of custom folders if the presets don’t fit your needs. Presets include: Bank Account, Birthday, Bookmark, Car Rental, Credit Card, Frequent Flyer, Hotel, Insurance, Note, Passport, Prescription, Saved Login, and Vehicle Information.

The app is free to download and comes with a 30-day free trial, but you’ll have to pay $5.99/year once the trial is over.


mSecure is much like Password Genie, but has some more functionality when it comes to searching through your list of passwords and some other features. mSecure includes a built-in password generator which will create “unguessable passwords” for every website, which is a nice addition to add to the security-end of the program. To make your information even more secure, the data stored in the app can self-destruct if someone tries to guess your password too many times. Worried about it self-destructing? You can back up everything through mBackup, your internal SD card, or through Gmail.

You can store an unlimited number of records. The app also focuses on making things more efficient for the end-user, so the app can automatically fill in web-form fields in your browser so you don’t have to enter your passwords yourself. Don’t worry about encryption, either, because mSecure has you covered. The app features ultra-secure 256bit Blowfish encryption. Finally, there is also a desktop version, so the app works cross-platform, on both PC/Mac and Android/iOS.

Definitely grab this app if it seems like something you can use— it only has a one-time fee of $9.99 for the Android version, and a bit higher for the desktop version.


If you’re looking for a more lightweight option, or don’t want to spend money on a password manager, aWallet might be the solution for you. aWallet is absolutely free in the Play Store, and has just enough features to keep you happy, and to keep your information secure. Once again, the app encrypts data using AES and Blowfish algorithms with key sizes of 256, 192 and 128 bits. It also supports Triple DES with key sizes of 168 and 112 bits— you’ll have nothing to worry about with this one.

If you do want to pay some money, however, you can upgrade to the pro version in the app, which adds a password generator and CSV import. It’s pretty easy to navigate your way around. There are four main modules, including Favorite Category, Categories, Lock, and Category Editor. The Favorite Category allows you to designate certain passwords as “favorites” so you don’t have to waste time searching through a big list for just one password. Categories lets you search through all of your categories of passwords, which store every password you enter into the application. Lock lets you set/reset your master password, which will allow you to initially access the application. If you leave the app at any time and go back to it, you will always have to enter your master password as a security measure. Category Editor lets you set custom categories for your passwords if you find that you need them. The presets include: Computer Logins, Credit Cards, e-Banking, e-Shops, Email Accounts, and Web Accounts.

Although aWallet may not include many of the nifty features that some others have, it still gets the job done, and does it well.


Keeper is probably the most mainstream app of the bunch on this list, and it’s also FREE. For that reason, it’s one of the best password managers available on the Play Store. The application includes many of the same features as the other apps on this list, including a password generator that creates high-strength security passwords and remembers them for you. The app can also launch websites— all you have to do is tap on the username/password information on your device, and the app will securely fill in the form data, doing all of the work for you. Probably the feature that stands out the most with Keeper is the fact that you can share records with business teams, work groups, and family members. This makes everything so much easier, so you won’t have to keep telling family members every time you change the Netflix/Spotify password. I know that’s always been an issue in my family. Once again, data is military AES encrypted so you won’t have to worry about a security breach— your data is well-protected. You’ll also get unlimited storage on Keeper’s Cloud Security Vault. The app is also available cross-platform, on both Mac/PC and Android/iOS and syncs all of your data up for you.

While the base app is free, you have the option of getting Keeper Backup for $9.99 per device per year if its worth it for you. Compare aWallet with Keeper and see what you like best!

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