ConnectUC for Mobile

Welcome to ConnectUC for Mobile

This article is a quick overview of how to access and familiarize yourself with the various tools within the ConnectUC softphone application.

Accessing and Setting up ConnectUC Mobile

First, search for ConnectUC in your mobile app store.

Alternatively, you may use the App Store links:

Click on Install.

Once installed click on Open.

You will then be brought to the following login page. Use your ReachUC/User Portal login credentials. If you do not have login credentials created yet, please reach out to the telephony team via email at or 312-564-4888 to assist you with creating login credentials.

Once the application is installed and you have signed in, you will be prompted to allow device permissions and notifications. Please be sure to allow these permissions, as some ConnectUC Mobile features may not work properly otherwise.

Incoming Calls

Incoming calls to the Connect UC app will appear as the following screen on your mobile device.

Decline – Will ignore the call.

Answer – Will answer the call and bring you to the In Call Functions menu screen.

Functions and Features

Once logged into Android ConnectUC you will be brought to the Calls screen by default. You can select the functions/features you want to access from the bottom of the screen.


The Dialer option found at the bottom right of the screen brings up a dial pad for you to use to make calls. Additionally, you can also search and call existing contacts from the dialer menu > Show Contacts List.

Calls Tab

Allows you to view details for recent calls.

Outgoing Call – Call you made.

Incoming Call – Incoming call to you.

Missed Call – Missed or Rejected call.


The Voicemail tab allows you to view, listen, share, and read transcripts (if enabled) for voicemails you have received. After clicking on an individual voicemail, you also have the option to call the number back within the app or delete the voicemail.

Once a new voicemail is received, a red number icon will appear in the voicemail tab. Once you have reviewed a voicemail in this tab, it will be “Marked as Read,” and the indicator will be removed.

Call Icon – Tap to call the voicemail number back from withing the Voicemail tab.

 Play Icon – To play the voicemail from within the Voicemail tab.

Share Icon – Share the voicemail.

Trash Icon – Delete the voicemail.


The Contacts tab allows you to view status of company contacts, create, and manage all your ConnectUC contacts.

Clicking on the All Contacts tab on the top left will drop down the following options to let you filter the contacts list.

To add a new contact, click on the +New icon in the top right corner.

Next, click on New Contact

Finally on the following screen complete the Contact information and click on Save.

In Call Functions

While on a call you will see the following function icons appear on the screen.


Clicking on the Mute icon will let you Mute or Unmute your Mic.

Mute is Off

Mute is On


Clicking on the Speaker icon will place the call on or off speakerphone.

Speakerphone is Off

Speakerphone is On


Click on the Hold icon to place the caller on hold. Click Hold again to resume the call.

Caller is not on Hold

Caller is on Hold


Clicking on the Dial Pad icon will bring up a Keypad to use while on a call. This Keypad will let you enter keys for options. For example, selecting an automated attendant option or following voicemail prompts when checking your voicemail. It is NOT used to make an outgoing call while on a call.

Click on Dial Pad to bring up the following keypad.

Click on Dismiss Keypad to return to the In Call Functions screen.

Call Transfer

While on a call click on the Transfer icon to bring up the following options and enter the phone number or extension to transfer the call to.

Transfer – Click Transfer to blind transfer the call to the phone number or extension entered.

Attended Transfer – Click on this to place the caller on hold. You can then speak to whom you are transferring the call to first before completing the transfer.

Recording Calls

Some calls will give you the option to record the conversation. This can be done by clicking on the Record icon. You can pause recording anytime during the call by tapping on the Record icon again.

Click on the Record icon to begin recording the call.

Click on the Record icon while recording to pause the recording.

Click on the Paused icon to begin recording again.

To stop recording, click on CLICK HERE TO STOP RECORDING while the call is recording.

Retrieving Recorded Calls

To access your recorded calls, click on the Calls Tab to pull up your call history.

Calls with the Audio Wavelength Icon have recordings that can be retrieved by clicking on it.

You will then see the following information on that call as well as what was recorded.

Pressing on the Play icon will play the recording.

Pressing the Pause icon while the recording is playing will pause it.

Clicking the Share icon will let you share the recorded audio file.

Conference Calls/Merging

While on a call you will be able to add an additional call to begin a conference by clicking on the Add Call icon.

This will open up the dial pad menu. Enter the extension or external phone number you wish to conference into the call followed by Add Call.

If the person you are trying to add to the call answers, then the original caller will be placed on hold, and you will notice that the in call functions have now added the options to Merge or Swap calls.

Clicking on Swap will swap between the calls while placing one on hold. You will see the caller’s phone number/Caller ID at the top of the screen of whom you are currently talking to.

Clicking on Merge will merge the two callers into a conference with you

The Split icon will appear in place of the Merge icon while in a conference. Click on this to separate the calls.

In Conference Menu Screen

You can also click on View Callers while on a conference call to bring up a separate in conference menu screen.

From the in-conference menu screen you can view all callers in the conference and hang up on one individually by clicking on Hang Up under their name/phone number.

You can also remove a specific user from the conference by clicking on Split under their name/phone number.

Press the Back button to go back to the in-call functions screen.

If you Split all calls from the conference, you will see the following information while in the in-conference menu screen.

When swapping between calls here you will be able to see which caller is on hold.

Press the Back button to go back to the in-call functions screen.

SMS/MMS Features (If Enabled)

User/extension with a direct dial phone number will be able to text internally with users in their company domain.
To use SMS/texting features with an external phone number a 10DLC Brand and Campaign registration must be completed. A direct dial phone number assigned to the extension/user is needed as well. Please reach out to the Telephony Team to complete the 10DLC registration process and assign a direct phone number.

To start a chat, click on the +New icon on the top right corner of the screen.

You will then see the following options. Select New SMS

Recipients added to receive message. Click on X to remove recipient.

Search by name, extension or entering an external phone number to add as a recipient of your SMS/Text message.

Contacts section lets you select a saved contact to add as a recipient of your SMS/Text message.

Message box lets you enter your text message and attach a file from your mobile device to send to the recipients.

Attachment Icon – Click on this icon to add a file saved from your mobile device to the message.

Send Icon – Once your message is completed click on the send icon to send the SMS/text message to the selected recipients.

Reporting an Issue

ConnectUC’s Report an Issue feature allows users to report any issues relating to their ConnectUC experience.

To report an issue within ConnectUC, click your user image on the left-side menu and then click the ‘Report an Issue’ button from the options listed below.

Once selected, you will be prompted to choose the type of issue you wish to report.

If the ‘Phone Calls’ option is selected, you will be able to select one or more calls from a list of recent interactions that are related to the issue you are reporting.

After selecting one or more calls from the list, you will then be asked to confirm more details about the issue occurring on the call(s). If you do not see your issue listed, you may instead choose ‘Report something else’, and you can explain the issue in a text form. Additionally, you will be asked to acknowledge sending diagnostic data for troubleshooting purposes.

If the ‘Something else’ option is selected, you will instead be prompted to describe your issue within a text box. Additionally, you will be asked to acknowledge sending diagnostic data for troubleshooting purposes.

Once you’ve submitted the details of your issue you will receive the following acknowledgement agreement.

You will then receive a confirmation notification with a reference ID once you have completed submitting your issue.

Do Not Disturb/DND

To enable DND and prevent incoming calls to the ConnectUC app, click on your profile picture on the top right of the app from the main screen.

This will bring up the following options.

Do Not Disturb – Calls to the PBX user are sent to voicemail and notifications are disabled across all extension’s phones/devices.

Disable Calls – Incoming calls are disabled only on this device but will ring on other phones/devices.

Disable Notifications – Notifications are disabled. Calls will still ring.

Additional Assistance

For additional assistance please contact the Framework Communications Helpdesk at 312-265-8733 or