What are Minimum Cybersecurity Measures

93% of successful cybersecurity breaches start with email phishing attempts. To protect your business, Framework IT recommends several foundational cybersecurity measures ranging from encryption to security awareness and mock phishing training.

Framework IT also recommends Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to all clients because it is a simple and cost-efficient foundational security measure a business can undertake.

Below we have outlined several Framework recommended minimum cybersecurity measures:  

  1. Anti-spam & Antivirus – Detect and deny unsolicited spam emails from entering your inbox
  2. Threat Intelligence & Analysis – Fight against harmful actors by collecting data to understand their attack behaviors.
  3. Behavioral Analysis – Examine and expose network data patterns that are out of the ordinary.
  4. IP Sender Reputation – An IP reputation is a ranking of how likely a server is a source of spam.
  5. URL Category Filtering – Refine web traffic using a filter to permit or deny access based on the findings.
  6. Identity-Based Encryption – IBE uses an external server to produce a public key that encrypts and decrypts electronic messages.
  7. Data Loss Prevention – Identify, monitor, and automatically protect your business’s sensitive information.
  8. Sandbox Integration – Detonate threats in a contained environment to keep your users safe.
  9. System Updates – Updating your systems to provide critical software patching to prevent security vulnerabilities.
  10. Remote Monitoring – 24-7 monitoring & proactive maintenance of supported systems.
  11. Employee Training – Web-based security, reporting, and phishing campaigns will educate your staff against common threats.
  12. Vendor Support – Extended support for telephone & internet service providers, printer, application, hardware, and cloud vendors.

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