Framework IT President Adam Barney Interviewed on Masters of Service Podcast

Chicago, IL  – Framework IT President Adam Barney was interviewed on the Masters of Service podcast on February 3, 2023.

Barney sat down with host Kurt Lefever to discuss how Framework IT repositioned itself in the crowded managed services industry and, in turn, revamped its approach to serve its partners and its sales and marketing strategy. 

The Masters of Service podcast is designed for B2B Service CEOs who want to grow their business. Adam took Kurt through the process that Framework IT took to position itself in the industry and to attract the right partners by reaching the right stakeholders with the right messaging.

In 2020, Framework IT adopted a data-driven pricing model that allows clients to decrease the price for managed services as they align with best practices Framework knows will improve outcomes. The new approach to pricing enabled a shift in the sales and marketing strategies employed within the organization. 

COVID-19 shifted how people work and, in turn, how people use technology. More leaders see cybersecurity as a pressing issue, and with increasing ransomware attacks, that’s unlikely to change. 

Learn more about Framework IT’s Three Pillars of Managed Service and more on the Masters of Service podcast. Listen to the entire episode here!


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