Framework IT’s Adam Barney Interviewed by Cybernews

Chicago, IL – Framework IT President of Sales Adam Barney spoke to on March 13, 2022, about common misconceptions about IT support, the pandemic, and what makes Framework IT unique. 

Barney spoke about the impact of remote working models on technology security risks, and the unique service model offered at Framework IT for managed services partners seeking support, strategy, and security solutions.  

“What really makes Framework truly unique in the Managed IT Services industry, is our Evolution Pricing Model and the Evolution Standard & Evolution Framework that enable our unique pricing model.” Framework IT provides partners with a direct reward with reduced costs for adopting our data-driven best practices. “We shepherd our potential partners through the Evolution Framework, which entails extremely in-depth discovery, partnership alignment, and technical assessment, which ultimately leads to an in-depth GAP analysis and a strategic roadmap to adopt the Evolution Standard, improve results, and achieve reduced Managed IT Services pricing!” 

Barney addresses the long-term impact of remote work on business technology needs, rethinking how organizations view IT support and cybersecurity needs in our evolving digital world. Read the full interview at Cybernews

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