10 Advantages of Virtualization Solutions for Chicago Businesses

Do you find yourself with a lack of time and resources on your company’s IT front? Is your staff’s training and industry knowledge becoming outdated and irrelevant? Rather than invest a large amount of time, money and energy into revamping your current technology, it may be time to invest in server virtualization for the future of your company.

10 Reasons to Make the Move

Virtualization technology is beneficial to different businesses for different reasons, but these are a few of the top advantages:

  • Less hardware. Think about everything that goes into keeping your on-site servers properly functioning. You need physical space, on-call IT assistance, electricity and power, and more. Now, for a minute, imagine a world where you don’t need physical servers. How would that look? With server virtualization, there is less hardware. One piece of hardware can have three servers running on it.
  • Savings. Building on the last example, it’s only natural to expect significant cost savings with server virtualization. Less hardware translates to lower energy output. Your physical servers work hard and generate a large amount of heat, which in turn increases your cooling costs. If server rooms are not properly cooled, this can cause hardware to malfunction. By reducing the need for hardware, you can eliminate heat buildup while reducing your heating and cooling costs.
  • Smaller footprint. If going green is important to your business, the transition from physical to virtual servers will help you in your pursuit of reducing your data footprint. While it may seem like a small step, virtualization’s impact on the environment is growing and you can feel good about playing your part in the green movement.
  • Accurate backups. While your physical servers may conduct backups on a daily basis, is that really enough? Virtual servers can take digital snapshots throughout the day, as discussed and agreed upon with your MSP, to ensure lost data can be quickly and efficiently recovered.
  • Better testing. With virtual servers, you can create an environment conducive for testing. If you make a mistake, you simply revert to a previous backup or snapshot.
  • No lock-ins. One of the biggest frustrations of business owners is that they’re often forced to lock in to particular software vendors. With virtual servers, you can run whatever server, platform, or programs you want, doing away with long-term lock-ins.
  • Perfect stepping stone. Think your company may be interested in eventually migrating to full-blown cloud solution? Server virtualization is the ideal stepping stone for moving from physical to cloud storage.
  • Continue using old applications. It’s not uncommon for companies to continue accessing old applications far beyond their expected lifespan, but this often requires companies to hold onto old machines and hardware. With server vitalization, you can get rid of those old machines while still being able to access the old software that’s so valuable to your organization.
  • More uptime. With physical servers, you are always limited by unnecessary downtime and diminished capabilities. Server virtualization increases uptime by allowing you to access all servers simultaneously.
  • Peace of mind. More than anything else, server virtualization comes with peace of mind. All these benefits allow you to focus on what really matters, while eliminating the need to worry about potential problems and issues down the road.

When new technology presents itself to you, will you be ready to transition? The world of business is becoming increasingly wireless, and server virtualization can allow you to unlock optimal value in the coming years.

At Framework Communications, we believe server virtualization offers businesses multiple benefits. For additional information, contact us today.