Why Businesses Need Computers with Minimum Specifications & Operating Systems

Most modern employees are tethered to their computers, depending on them to communicate, collaborate, and work efficiently. As a result, the computer has become one of the top tools for facilitating productivity. Computers with adequate specifications enable employees to work at maximum productivity and securely. Businesses must ensure their computers keep up with current specifications because computers with subpar specifications cause a hidden productivity drain, sap morale, decrease operational efficiency, and undermine security. Staying current on specifications means only using computers with supported Operating Systems and adequate computing resources.  

It is critically important to only use supported Operating Systems and computers with adequate resources.

Why Supported Operating Systems are a Must

The Operating System (OS) is the underlying software system that controls a computer’s hardware and software resources. Supported, in this context, means that the OS is still supported, maintained, and patched by the maker of the OS. When the OS is ‘End of Support’ or ‘End of Life,’ the maker is no longer offering support and patches, which can have massive consequences for businesses still using those devices. Here are the top reasons why Supported OS is the only OS your business should ever use.

  1. Maintain Security: Cyber threats are growing in volume and sophistication. Businesses must have measures to secure their systems and data according to their business needs, external requirements, and risk tolerance. One fundamental and universal security measure all companies should employ is only using Supported Operating Systems that receive regular security patches addressing flaws and emerging threats. Unsupported OS’ do not receive these critical patches, making them increasingly vulnerable and easy to exploit. Using only supported OS reduces the risk of cyberattacks and data breaches.
  2. Compatibility: Another reason to use Supported Operating Systems is compatibility with your other hardware and software. Many equipment and software manufacturers will only maintain their system’s compatibility with an unsupported OS for a short time. Therefore, using unsupported Operating Systems may lead to challenges in using critical applications. Using only supported OS ensures you can run the software you need to work productively.
  3. Reliability: Routine patching to fix bugs enables Supported Operating Systems to function optimally and reduces downtime and performance issues that degrade productivity and sap employee morale.

Modern Computing Specifications Maximize Human Capital

Modern computing specifications reference computers with adequate processors, memory (RAM), and storage. The specifications are ever-changing as technology evolves, so businesses must upgrade computers routinely. While upgrading computers every three years comes at a material cost, companies using computers with poor specifications will harm productivity, which can rapidly cost far more in the big picture. Here are the main benefits of using computers with modern computing specifications:

  1. Increase Productivity: Computers with modern computing specifications provide better performance and operate faster, which allows employees to work more efficiently. More efficient employees can reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, or drive more revenue.
  2. Reduce Interruptions: Computers with inadequate computing resources are far more likely to crash or experience other issues that derail employee productivity. Also, computers with modern specifications are typically newer, often under warranty, and can be repaired more quickly, reducing downtime.
  3. Improve Employee Morale: Employees equipped with subpar computers can become frustrated when given high workloads that surpass their computers’ capabilities and hinder their performance. A company’s lack of willingness to arm them with the right tools to maximize their success can be viewed negatively and harm morale.
  4. Long-Term Cost Savings: While buying new computers with modern specifications requires investment, they pay for themselves many times over by increasing productivity, reducing interruptions, and improving employee morale. Remember, people cost a lot more than computers, and you want your people working at their maximum potential.

Businesses that invest continuously in computers with modern computing specifications invest wisely and maximize efficiency. Enhanced security, greater productivity, reduced risk, decreased interruptions, and protection of employee morale translate into cost savings and an excellent return on investment.  

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