Business Benefits of Fiber Internet with a Backup Connection

In the past decade, businesses have increasingly moved line of business applications, communication & collaboration, other productivity applications, and data storage to the cloud. Therefore, having fast, reliable, and redundant internet connectivity is critical for modern businesses’ productivity. This blog will address the main benefits of having reliable, high-speed fiber internet with a backup connection at your offices.   

Why Businesses Should Use Fiber Internet as their Primary Connection

Fiber internet is becoming increasingly popular for businesses, especially as the investment required has decreased considerably in recent years, making fiber obtainable even for smaller companies. If your organization evaluates its internet service, here are reasons to consider implementing a high-speed fiber internet connection as your main connection.

  1. Extreme Reliability: Fiber internet provides a highly reliable connection. The underlying technology behind fiber-optic internet connections supports a more reliable, higher-quality service than cable and DSL connections can supply. As a result, service level agreements (SLAs) for fiber internet service typically contain some of the most stringent uptime and performance guarantees, including material repercussions should contracts be breached (credits and/or early termination rights, depending on the severity of the breach).
  2. High Speeds: Fiber internet can deliver very high speeds. Unlike traditional copper and cable internet connections, fiber-optic cables transmit data as light, which allows for much higher bandwidth and faster speeds.
  3. Increase Productivity: The increased reliability of fiber reduces the frequency and duration of productivity-sapping outages, while the high speeds enhance productivity by allowing employees to work faster when using cloud-based applications, coloration & communications tools, and cloud data storage.
  1. Highly Scalable: Fiber internet is highly scalable since businesses can easily and relatively quickly increase their speeds if needed. Scalability is highly relevant to growing organizations that may be adding headcount or seeking to optimize productivity.
  2. Enhanced Security: Fiber internet is very secure, ideal for all businesses, but particularly necessary for companies that deal with sensitive data or are subject to strict compliance requirements. Fiber internet data transmission is also encrypted, making it nearly impossible to access during transmission.

Fiber internet is an ideal primary internet connection, attainable for businesses of all sizes nowadays. Between the high speeds, extreme reliability, productivity, scalability, and security, it provides critical benefits modern businesses need to operate efficiently and offers a high ROI.

Although a primary fiber internet connection is highly reliable, but not infallible. Outages can still have a steep cost in terms of lost productivity, sales, goodwill with customers, etc. Therefore, it is highly recommended that businesses also deploy a backup internet connection.

Why Redundant Connections are a Must

  1. Business Continuity: Redundant internet connections ensure your operations can continue uninterrupted when your primary connection fails.
  2. Productivity: Internet connectivity is a requirement for a productive workforce today. Employees with reliable, fast internet can access critical applications and data and communicate internally and externally effectively. Therefore, ensuring employees have a viable internet connection is essential to maintain optimal productivity.
  3. Customer Satisfaction & Reputation: Internet connectivity is a must to provide quality customer service and maintain a strong reputation. Modern customers are not particularly forgiving of organizations that allow internet issues to disrupt their ability to communicate, to allow customers to procure products or services, or connect with customer support teams.

A high-speed, extremely reliable fiber internet connection with a backup connection is essential for businesses in the modern era. The numerous benefits include productivity, ensuring business continuity, security, increasing customer satisfaction, scalability, etc. The return on Investment for these increasingly affordable services justifies adoption in businesses of all sizes.

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