Framework IT CEO, John Fakhoury interviewed Bitcoin Fixes Podcast

Miami, FL – Framework IT CEO, John Fakhoury was interviewed on the podcast, Bitcoin Fixes This, hosted by Jimmy Song at the 2021 Bitcoin Conference in Miami on June 4, 2021.

Fakhoury discussed how Bitcoin has enabled him to get time back and adopt a growth mindset to business, where failure is not as consequential – rather another challenge to work through. Early in his career, Fakhoury noted that IT was a weakness for the clients he worked with at firms like Ernst & Young and Alvarez & Marsal. “Technology makes life better for people, but they are often afraid of dealing with it” he noted, expanding that, “people have as much anxiety dealing with technology issues as they do going to the dentist. [Framework IT] found a very strong set of best practices – executing these well can make companies more efficient at scale.”

Listen to the podcast below.

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